Letting Go

Following a few weeks of what seemed to be an on again, off again, up and down doggy cold, our little Kat took a decidedly bad turn for the worse.    I took her to our vet clinic for x-rays and examination to get to the bottom of her health issues.  Fortunately, the veterinarian I was able to get her in to see was the very competent and compassionate, Dr. Broberg.   Unfortunately, the diagnosis was devastating.  Our little Kat was suffering from catastrophic congenital heart failure and her lungs were filled with fluid. 

Dr. Broberg put her on oxygen and tried diuretics to clear her lungs, to give us a few more weeks or possibly months, with our sweet little girl.  Unfortunately, things did not go as hoped for and the next step was a twenty-four hour hospital.  We were not willing to put her through the anxiety and suffering that this would cause our Kat,  for what would inevitably be our short term gain. We chose to let her go now – sooner than later.

Last night, Dan and I were with Kat, as she was put to sleep.    She went quickly and peacefully.  We were and remain devastated.   But we are also grateful that the end came as gently as possible for all of us, grateful that we had the means to provide the care our little girl deserved to the very end, and ever so grateful for the countless memories that we have to cherish.

Nine years of tail wagging, squirrel chasing, snack sneaking, snuggles and cuddles fun wrapped up in one little King Charles Cavalier named Kat:

Together Again – Kat and CaseyRIP💞


55 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Oh, dear Anne I am typing this through tears. I am so sorry ti read about sweet Kat. Holding you and Dan close in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs! ❤

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