Dan’s Album

Our weather has reverted to winter misery so I am in the house trying to keep occupied. I went through the photos on my husband’s phone to see how he views the world. (with his permission of course – I do not make a point of rifling through his phone😲). Enjoy!

Checking out Amanda’s new Expedition. Love the color!
Demolition day at Dan’s highschool.
Nightmare (Souris Swinging) bridge from my early childhood.
The new Souris Swinging Bridge. No more nightmares😊
Son Dan with his son Cason – cool how Dan’s shirt matches Carson’s pants🙄
A picture from Dan’s sister in Costa Rica – safety first🥺
Our little old monster pool
Making pipe
Jeep cleaning day👍

That is it for today. Have a great day and stay safe!


4 thoughts on “Dan’s Album

  1. I love pictures of roads and trails. I am a complete homebody but they make travel/wandering look appealing. I thought I would find pictures of golf courses on Dan’s phone but I don’t think I saw even one.


  2. My wife is protecting her phone with a password so I have no clue what she’s got on that device… it’s good to be able to see what one’s spouse has on his/her phone, it’s a sign of trust

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  3. Dan is ok with me going through his phone but he will not go through my purse. When we were at my son’s it surprised me that he had opened my purse to get my phone charger. My son said “he rifled right through it – I think he palmed a couple of twenties”. Lol – my son is such a goof.

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