Grooming and Gardening

We are back home so it is time to get to work around here. There is always plenty of yardwork to do in the spring. This year there is twice as much since I wasn’t in shape to get much accomplished last year. With Molly’s help, I don’t know how much I will get done this year. 🤦

The birdbath is cleaned up and our little flowers are starting to take.
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart and ferns are coming up. He cleaned out this flower bed and put up new fencing to slow Molly down.
I have the pond Petunias in.
…And the Roma and San Marzano tomatoes planted.

I also started cleaning up the front yard flower bed and thinning out the dandelions in our lawn. I think this year will be all about the WeedNFeed.

I am also trying to keep on top of grooming Molly and taking care of the house. When I was researching Pyrenees pups, there was not much to be found regarding grooming. I read that despite their long, thick hair, grooming is not a serious issue as they only shed much in the spring and their hair is ‘self cleaning’ for the most part. Supposedly, it is a matter of weekly brushing and semi annual baths and they are good to go!

In case you didn’t catch it, the ‘self cleaning’ is the issue here. Everything that Molly sits in, lays in, rolls around in …. works its way into her fur. Then she comes into the house where this ‘self cleaning’ takes place. Grass, tree branches, leaves, dirt, toys, car parts, small tools – you name it – Molly smuggles it into the house, where her fur ‘self cleans’. This morning I found a dead, bald, baby bird in the porch. 😢

Of course, most of what Molly drags in does not shed in the porch. It drops off gradually from one end of the house to the other. I dust and I sweep several times a day. Molly likes to help – which is not terribly helpful.

All in all, Molly’s ‘moderate grooming needs’ take up a LOT of my time.

I took a bit of a break from my daily workouts while we were gone on the weekend, but I started back up yesterday, so that is something else to keep me occupied.

That is it for today. Time to grab a quick lunch and get back at it. Take care and have a great day!💞

A Walk in the Park…

Our weather has improved to the point that I have added an outdoor walk to my daily fitness routine. 🚶

Yesterday I ventured far enough to take in Patricia Park. Due to health issues, I never made it that far last summer, so I was pretty excited about this excursion.

The walk there was a little treacherous because some sidewalks are still covered with snow, ice, and water – not to mention coffee cups, masks, and disposable gloves. 😒
But I made it to the park, which will look way better once the grass is green and the trees have their leaves.
There were a few little puddles. 🙄
And a couple of big puddles. 😳
And a spiffy new bridge over the water channel. 😊
There is a new playground that I passed on McKinley. 🤗
This is what was left of a beautiful wooded Par 3 golf course. The trees were annihilated to make an off leash dog park – because, you know, dogs have an aversion to trees. It is all part of our city’s 12.5 BILLION dollar plan to be a renewable Net Zero city by 2050. 🤦

That was it for my walk. It will be way nicer in a few weeks but for now it is great to get out in the fresh air and sunshine – and my future body will thank me for the exercise that I am getting now. 👍👍👍

Take care and have a great day!💞

Seven Weeks

It has been seven weeks since I started my spring fitness program! The time is flying by and I am seeing some results.

  • Physically –
  • I have lost a whopping TWO pounds, but I continue to tone and tighten up 🙂
  • My balance is way better
  • I feel much better
  • My blood oxygen level is up and my pulse is slower and stronger
  • I started walking this weekend. I am starting with a goal of 5000 steps per day but I plan to increase as I am ready. I have read lately that 7500 steps is optimal.
  • Mentally –
  • I am doing better at the little puzzle games that I play 🙄
  • And… I installed a router extender to our wifi AND set up our security camera this morning! 💃💃💃

Emotionally – This is where I have noticed the biggest difference lately. I honestly thought, that with spring’s arrival and my efforts to improve my health and well-being, that my life would really get better! I was wrong. In the past few days, we have had family DRAMA, we have been BLEEDING financially, and we lost our little dog, Kat. Our life is one old country blues tune. BUT… I am doing ok. Seriously ok. My family are still the loves of my life, our finances will turn (as they always do), and despite the absolute heartbreak of losing Kat – I am okay. I am not trying to contain or control the pain in my heart. I am just letting it go with the flow of tears and staying grateful for the years we had. 💝

On a side note, my little seedlings are starting to take. I add a few more each week and thin out the ones that are getting a bit too crowded. Our weather is improving, but it will be a while before I can start moving my little garden outside, even for a few hours a day.

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞

PS… Thank you again for all of the kind and compassionate messages following our loss last week. We were very touched by each an every one. 💞💞💞

St. Patrick’s Day

There is not a speck of Irish in me but since my Father’s birthday was March 17th it was always a big day to celebrate in our home.🍀🍀🍀🍀

I don’t remember Dad ever having a beard but he did seem to resemble a Leprechaun in this photo. (I was obviously wearing my heavy socks that day. 😂)

My Dad passed away twenty-eight years ago and my Mother has been gone for eight. I think of them virtually every day – but especially on their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like. I know they were not perfect, but they were good people. I am so grateful that I had such parents. They both left me with so many life and coping skills that have helped me to live a good life and to handle the inevitable challenges that I have faced. I tried so hard to pass that on to my children, especially to help them through the challenges! I sometimes wonder if any of them will feel any appreciation for me when I am gone. Not that I plan on going anywhere soon – but I can’t see it happening and I feel sorry for them. Life is hard enough at times without believing you are going through it alone. 😔

On to brighter thoughts… Spring is springing up around here!

The snow is disappearing to be replaced by mud and water in the streets. 🌞
My seeds are sprouting. 🤗 (Strangely, the flowers are coming up earlier than the tomatoes and peppers this year. )
There is nothing particularly springy about this photo but this is the duplex (313N Lorne Street) that I ultimately moved into with my kids – and began my life with Dan a couple of years later. I drove past it last week and had to stop to take a photo. 🥰. (It didn’t have nearly the yard we have here, but it was the cutest place inside.)

Anyway, that’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞

Happy Birthday, Dad! 🎂💞🍀

Happy Easter!

Easter has always been my favourite holiday.  I grew up in the Catholic faith and I loved the Easter services filled with joyful, spiritual music in a church decorated with beautiful spring flowers.   Outside of Easter Mass, the holiday marked the arrival of spring – warm sunny days, pretty summer dresses (with hats and purses and shoes to match),  gathering for a feast of ham and turkey with all of the trimmings, brightly painted eggs decorating a  basket of chocolate eggs and bunnies.  Easter was always a happy family holiday – far from the stress and commercialization of any other holiday.

This year, Dan and I are alone for Easter.  Churches of every denomination are closed here due to the pandemic. Likewise, family gatherings are prohibited. Easter dinner is an ongoing affair that started with baked ham on Friday, appetizers and turtle cheesecake last night and turkey supper tonight.  (Our house smells so good!)

My pan was a bit big for the recipe but it tastes like chocolate turtles and cheesecake.

It is a little windy and cool today but when the sun comes out it is nice enough. I put my little plants out for some fresh air – in baskets that would protect them from the worst of the wind.

Other than that, we have been having a quiet day. We enjoyed seeing pictures and videos of Dan and Amanda’s boys gathering Easter eggs. Son Mark sent a pic of Dom dressed as the Easter dinosaur. 😂 I guess as long as he was an egg laying dinosaur. 🤔. Genie sent a photo of herself and her siblings. They are all growing up so fast!

Happy Easter and all the best to you and yours on this beautiful spring Sunday. 💐

Easter Weekend

We kicked off Easter weekend yesterday with some gorgeous sunny weather. A beautiful day all around!

Tackled some spring cleaning by taking on our fridge. Did some sorting, did some tossing, made some wierd discoveries. For two people, we have a rediculous amount of cheese!
Our little plants were happy for some quality time out on the patio.
Easter dinner Round One.
Kat sleeping off our big walk.

Keep safe and I hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend. 💞

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Kat Walk

Spring is always my favourite time of year and this one is looking to be a grand one.  Most years, we are up to our hips in snow until at least mid April.  This year, our snow is practically gone and the streets and sidewalks are mostly dry.   Dan and I have been taking Kat for her daily walks this week.  She has been wearing her stylish blue boots for dealing with the unavoidable puddles. 

I heard from our sons this week.   Everything is going fairly well for both of them.  And…  Grandbaby #10 is on the way! 💞

Our seedlings continue to thrive and our indoor plants are starting to bud and bloom.

Have a beautiful spring weekend!

Starting to Bloom

It seems like the flowers are taking their time this year.  I have lots of plants with buds but not a lot of blossoms happening yet.

Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart is doing okay for a first year.
My Mother’s Day geraniums are still fairly prolific
Kat and I found some flowering shrubs in the park on our extra long walk yesterday.
We have tomato plants starting to bloom
This plant has been trying to bloom for a few days now – almost there!
I should probably we pulling the blossoms off of my chives but they are so pretty.🌞
My petunias are being beaten senseless by the wind this year but I love the way Dan painted my little Dollar Store fairy. 💖
Dandelions are not in short supply – I have probably pulled out a thousand of them so far this year – but being a kid at heart, I still find them to be sunny and cheerful.

I hope everyone has a few flowers to brighten their day – today and every day.

Earth Day 2020

I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday to honor Earth Day 2020.  However, it was such a beautiful spring day that I spent the day cleaning out flower beds, sweeping patios, walking the dog and starting a few more bedding plants.      Today, I am going to plant some lettuce, radishes and onions. With luck we have seen the last of any major snow storms for this season.

This morning I am relaxing on our patio looking up at our spruce tree. When I moved in here twenty years ago, this tree was no more than a foot tall. Dan’s Mother had brought it over and helped him plant it before I knew him and just days before she passed away. This tree was her final gift to him so obviously it is very special to him, and to me as well.

Today our little tree stands about forty feet tall and a good thrifty feet across. Dan has to trim it back every second year now so we can get down our walk and out our gate. It is home to numerous birds and a stopping off point for the occasional squirrel.

In a few weeks, the trees on either side of us will have their new leaves, the grass will be green, our vegetables will be growing and our flowers will start blooming.

After a long Saskatchewan winter, every warm spring day should be celebrated as Earth Day!

Good, Bad or Ugly?

Spring has Sprung

I am having one of those super great days that runs along like a roller coaster

1. My meds are kicking in and My breathing is so much easier today! But, I am not loving the pharmaceutical companies that cannot create one single drug that does not cause headaches, vertigo, constipation, and/or diahrea! 🤦

2. Spring has sprung, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and the snow and ice are quickly melting! But, our vehicles are filthy. I get that Dan has been taking my little car to work and there is no avoiding the puddles, mud, and steel dust out at Evraz. No idea why the Jeep is so bad. It has not been going anywhere! 🤷

3. I went to the bank this morning. Banking is good! But why do so many (obviously retired) seniors want or need to go to the bank at ten o’clock on Saturday morning to pay all of their monthly bills – one at a time?!  (Like they did not know they had six of  them going in 🙄).  Seriously, once I am retired, I am never leaving my house on Saturday.  Wednesday morning sounds good. 😒

4. With all this springy weather, our streets are melting and drying off. I love dry streets! But why do dry streets bring out every lousy driver in the city? I put my signal on to move into the left lane. Some dough head took that as a challenge to boot it so he could cut me off – just so he had to slow down because he was turning left RIGHT THERE! 🤯

5) And finally…  Spring has sprung, I am feeling much better, I have places to go and things to – life is good. 😊. But, I have to return to work on Monday and with the way things have been there for the past two years, I would definitely rather not.  😢.