Grooming and Gardening

We are back home so it is time to get to work around here. There is always plenty of yardwork to do in the spring. This year there is twice as much since I wasn’t in shape to get much accomplished last year. With Molly’s help, I don’t know how much I will get done this year. 🤦

The birdbath is cleaned up and our little flowers are starting to take.
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart and ferns are coming up. He cleaned out this flower bed and put up new fencing to slow Molly down.
I have the pond Petunias in.
…And the Roma and San Marzano tomatoes planted.

I also started cleaning up the front yard flower bed and thinning out the dandelions in our lawn. I think this year will be all about the WeedNFeed.

I am also trying to keep on top of grooming Molly and taking care of the house. When I was researching Pyrenees pups, there was not much to be found regarding grooming. I read that despite their long, thick hair, grooming is not a serious issue as they only shed much in the spring and their hair is ‘self cleaning’ for the most part. Supposedly, it is a matter of weekly brushing and semi annual baths and they are good to go!

In case you didn’t catch it, the ‘self cleaning’ is the issue here. Everything that Molly sits in, lays in, rolls around in …. works its way into her fur. Then she comes into the house where this ‘self cleaning’ takes place. Grass, tree branches, leaves, dirt, toys, car parts, small tools – you name it – Molly smuggles it into the house, where her fur ‘self cleans’. This morning I found a dead, bald, baby bird in the porch. 😢

Of course, most of what Molly drags in does not shed in the porch. It drops off gradually from one end of the house to the other. I dust and I sweep several times a day. Molly likes to help – which is not terribly helpful.

All in all, Molly’s ‘moderate grooming needs’ take up a LOT of my time.

I took a bit of a break from my daily workouts while we were gone on the weekend, but I started back up yesterday, so that is something else to keep me occupied.

That is it for today. Time to grab a quick lunch and get back at it. Take care and have a great day!💞


20 thoughts on “Grooming and Gardening

  1. Your plants are beautiful, Anne. I sure do like your birdbath. I am sorry but Molly and her self- cleaning gave me a giggle. My little Chancy has short hair and even with that he brings in pine needles and grass sometimes. Molly’s self-cleaning entails much more than his with all her beautiful fur.

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  2. Pine needles are the worst! Kat used to get them stuck in her paws all the time. At least Molly sweeps them up with her fur so I don’t have to carry her in the house to pluck them out of her feet.

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  3. Thank you, John! I got a few more things done but now it is starting to rain. 🙄 Molly is cute – as is 3 year old grandson Cason that we saw this weekend. Together they were too entertaining and adorable. 😂 I am pretty sure Molly is now a toddler in dog years.

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  4. Molly is simply gorgeous!
    I understand about the ‘self-cleaning’. Our ‘Beau’ is a delight, and the worst for bringing in any bits of the garden not secured down with roots. His paws, these days, are covered in mud – it’s been raining here, on and off, for weeks. The garden is drenched, as are Beau and Pebble’s paws.
    Still, they bring such joy in with them, too!
    Love your garden…

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  5. Like you, I am drowning in yard work, and the outstanding house work, and the writing…
    I really don’t know what to choose first, but I like to tackle at least one thing each day!

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  6. I am used to multi-tasking from my employment years so I jump from priority to priority. By summer, everything should be at a consistent level of completion – whichever level that is. 🙄

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  7. Beautiful looking garden. Love the raised beds and tall pots. I find working in the garden does help one get back in shape. Hoping as the season goes on you will feel more and more stronger. 💪 🌿

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  8. Thank you! The pots are sections of steel pipe that my husband buys from the steel plant he works for. We got some to plant our cedars in and kept adding more for the rest of our plants as we had more grandkids. The sand around them was their sandbox. The fresh air and yard work helps keep in shape for sure!


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