Happy Days Are Here Again!

Kat Walk

Spring is always my favourite time of year and this one is looking to be a grand one.  Most years, we are up to our hips in snow until at least mid April.  This year, our snow is practically gone and the streets and sidewalks are mostly dry.   Dan and I have been taking Kat for her daily walks this week.  She has been wearing her stylish blue boots for dealing with the unavoidable puddles. 

I heard from our sons this week.   Everything is going fairly well for both of them.  And…  Grandbaby #10 is on the way! 💞

Our seedlings continue to thrive and our indoor plants are starting to bud and bloom.

Have a beautiful spring weekend!


17 thoughts on “Happy Days Are Here Again!

  1. Happy Spring! I love the photos and congratulations on the new addition to your family tree! The snow is all but gone here as well and though we may have another snowfall before true spring arrives, my spirits have vastly improved. There’s just something about spring that makes me glad to be alive. Enjoy!

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  2. That is great! I haven’t gotten mine yet but I don’t mind waiting. I can stay home – not everyone has that option. It will be my turn soon! They are doing 67 yrs plus now and I am 65.


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