I have struggled for years to overcome stress and anxiety. In the past couple of years, I have turned things around and have learned to focus on living a life of inner peace.  This has made all the difference in the world.   My life has become so much easier and better in so many ways!

I have, for the most part, learned to appreciate the NOW.  This present moment.  I have released the pain and grief of the the past.  I have released the fear of the future.   I do my best to make each day, hour, each moment a peaceful oasis. 

One of the aspects of this new lifestyle is a tendency to be far more positive and hopeful than I have ever been.  Now is good, so I know that there are even better days to come!

With this positivity, a new devil is spawned.   My patience is being sorely tested as never before!  One cannot be truly at peace NOW when one is totally focussed on the future – regardless of how bright and beautiful that future may be.

Today I awoke to a new cactus blossom. It is spectacular, if only for today. I checked on my little seedlings and they are growing larger and stronger by the day. I watched Kat bounce out to the yard to chase the birds and harrass the squirrels.

It is a good day! It is a great day! But wait…. Soon the the grass will turn green, the trees will leaf out, our garden will thrive, flowers will bloom and temperatures will soar. We will spend countless hours outside. Days will be spent walking Kat along meandering paths and floating in our pool. Evenings will be spent barbecuing on our patio and sipping wine as we relax on our deck chairs.

But we have to wait. 🤦 We have to appreciate today. And we have to be patient. Summer will get here – eventually!

Summer days to come💞


10 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I am beginning to settle down now. I was so extremely impatient for spring and patience was not to be had for a while there. I go through it every year as winter winds down but for some reason this year seemed much worst than years past. I really believe it was the isolation caused by the pandemic. At least, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. LOL

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  2. What a WONDERFUL post!! I so enjoy reading your thoughts on things and I love the positivity! It’s so true as we need to appreciate every day!! Patience is so important, I’m going to remember to be patient and enjoy each day! Thanks Annemarie! ❤️🤩 ~Diana

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  3. I wanted to add that I love how found the inner peace as I too have held on to stuff in the past and worry about the future. There is so much to your words, being peaceful is so rewarding! ❤️

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