August 4th – Home But Not Alone

Dan finished another round of shifts this morning.  He worked for three days and two nights in a row.   As usual, I was left to my own devices.

After Dan left for work yesterday afternoon, I cleaned up from our lunch/supper.   I fed Kat.    I went down the basement stairs to collect the fettuccine that I had accidentally dumped down the staircase.  (It wasn’t cooked πŸ‘).   The time passed and finally I settled down in the livingroom for a quiet evening – not quite alone.

& Orville Redenbacher

It is funny how much we can appreciate the simplest things in life. I am so grateful for my faithful little friend and the opportunity to share my snack with her. It is so much fun, knowing that she appreciates it as much as I do. 😊

Take care and have a great rest of the day! See you tomorrow! πŸ’ž

Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

– William Arthur WardΒ 

July 20th – Kat Magic

It is another damp and cool day so we took the opportunity to spoil Kat with a fresh batch of dogfood. It’s a dog’s life!

Ready to supervise…
Pasta in chicken broth with gelatin and chicken giblets – photo is a bit steamy😊
Carrots, turnip, cabbage, parsnips, rhutabega, cabbage and zucchini
Parsley, cilantro, lemon balm, and oregano
Add a dash of black pepper, Hungarian paprika, and cayenne. Cool before portioning and packaging.
And cleanup πŸ™„
That was exhausting 😴

Thank you for joining us for the most exciting part of our day! Dan did all the chopping and cleaning, while I did the shredding and cooking. Kat took her supervisor position seriously – she sampled every vegetable as Dan cleaned them. They all passed her taste test. πŸ˜‰

Hope everyone had a nice day! See you tomorrow.

July 13th – Just a Magical Day

I spent a few hours this morning puttering around the yard. It is such a perfectly magical day here that I decided to do my morning meditation in the shade of our giant spruce tree.

I set up a little space for myself (with a little space for Kat)
The water splashing in the pond provided soothing background music.
Kat did not join me but she did wander close by.
Looking up into our tree, I could see little birds flitting from branch to branch.
I filled the bird feeder and the peanut basket this morning, so our little friends were well fed while I did my thing.
I cleaned the birdbath and filled it with fresh cool water.

With everything good to go, I sat back and enjoyed the most peaceful, relaxing Jess Shepherd meditation. She has such a calm and pleasant voice. I love her guided meditations. There are magical moments in our life that we live for. Right now, this is one of mine. πŸ’ž

Wishing all a perfect summer dayπŸ’ž

* To be perfectly honest, a bird pooped on me when I was writing this. It was a little bird and a fairly dry poop so it didn’t really spoil the moment. Just something you should be aware of, if you decide to meditate and write a blog under a tree full of birds.

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Kat Walk

Spring is always my favourite time of year and this one is looking to be a grand one.Β  Most years, we are up to our hips in snow until at least mid April.Β  This year, our snow is practically gone and the streets and sidewalks are mostly dry.Β Β  Dan and I have been taking Kat for her daily walks this week.Β  She has been wearing her stylish blue boots for dealing with the unavoidable puddles.Β 

I heard from our sons this week.Β Β  Everything is going fairly well for both of them.Β  And…Β  Grandbaby #10 is on the way! πŸ’ž

Our seedlings continue to thrive and our indoor plants are starting to bud and bloom.

Have a beautiful spring weekend!

Sense of Accomplishment

Some days you can feel a major sense of accomplishment by investing a seemingly small amount of time and effort. Other days, like today, that sense of accomplishment is just not there.

Lately we have made a few adjustments in our life. One of the adjustments we have made was to give up Kat’s groomer (since they were closed for Covid-19 reasons) and invest in a set of pet clippers.

Grooming tools

Dan has been grooming Kat but since he is on his fifth shift in a row tonight and Kat was looking pretty straggly, I decided to step up to the challenge.

Straggly Kat

I got out everything I would need, including all of our grooming equipment, a fold up metal table, a vinyl tablecloth and of course – Kat.

For two hours, I wrestled with Kat while she did her best to avoid clippers, combs and the like. She fell off the table three times – fortunately onto my lap each time.

By the time I ‘finished’, there was a goodly amount of fur to show for my efforts.

Kat hair
Groomed Kat – sort of πŸ™„

At least I got her ears trimmed! Maybe we will both feel like continuing the battle after a walk. 🌞