July 13th – Just a Magical Day

I spent a few hours this morning puttering around the yard. It is such a perfectly magical day here that I decided to do my morning meditation in the shade of our giant spruce tree.

I set up a little space for myself (with a little space for Kat)
The water splashing in the pond provided soothing background music.
Kat did not join me but she did wander close by.
Looking up into our tree, I could see little birds flitting from branch to branch.
I filled the bird feeder and the peanut basket this morning, so our little friends were well fed while I did my thing.
I cleaned the birdbath and filled it with fresh cool water.

With everything good to go, I sat back and enjoyed the most peaceful, relaxing Jess Shepherd meditation. She has such a calm and pleasant voice. I love her guided meditations. There are magical moments in our life that we live for. Right now, this is one of mine. πŸ’ž

Wishing all a perfect summer dayπŸ’ž

* To be perfectly honest, a bird pooped on me when I was writing this. It was a little bird and a fairly dry poop so it didn’t really spoil the moment. Just something you should be aware of, if you decide to meditate and write a blog under a tree full of birds.


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