July 21st – Sharing the Magic

My meditation was a bit distracted this morning due to all of the activity in my meditation corner.

I had a little visitor checking me out.
And getting a little closer
Maybe from this angle
Quick run to the nut basket
Peanut to go
Having a snack while keeping one eye on me
While the squirrel was busy watching me, this little guy got cocky and had a dip in the birdbath.
All the fascination must have been from Dan’s latest upgrade to my corner. 💞

Dan thought I should have a peanut in my hand to offer our little visitor. Since he was about three feet from me, I could see him leaping into my lap to grab the peanut . I couldn’t see that ending well for either of us. 😳

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying such an eventful day. Have a good one and I will see you tomorrow! 💞

July 13th – Just a Magical Day

I spent a few hours this morning puttering around the yard. It is such a perfectly magical day here that I decided to do my morning meditation in the shade of our giant spruce tree.

I set up a little space for myself (with a little space for Kat)
The water splashing in the pond provided soothing background music.
Kat did not join me but she did wander close by.
Looking up into our tree, I could see little birds flitting from branch to branch.
I filled the bird feeder and the peanut basket this morning, so our little friends were well fed while I did my thing.
I cleaned the birdbath and filled it with fresh cool water.

With everything good to go, I sat back and enjoyed the most peaceful, relaxing Jess Shepherd meditation. She has such a calm and pleasant voice. I love her guided meditations. There are magical moments in our life that we live for. Right now, this is one of mine. 💞

Wishing all a perfect summer day💞

* To be perfectly honest, a bird pooped on me when I was writing this. It was a little bird and a fairly dry poop so it didn’t really spoil the moment. Just something you should be aware of, if you decide to meditate and write a blog under a tree full of birds.

Earth Day 2020

I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday to honor Earth Day 2020.  However, it was such a beautiful spring day that I spent the day cleaning out flower beds, sweeping patios, walking the dog and starting a few more bedding plants.      Today, I am going to plant some lettuce, radishes and onions. With luck we have seen the last of any major snow storms for this season.

This morning I am relaxing on our patio looking up at our spruce tree. When I moved in here twenty years ago, this tree was no more than a foot tall. Dan’s Mother had brought it over and helped him plant it before I knew him and just days before she passed away. This tree was her final gift to him so obviously it is very special to him, and to me as well.

Today our little tree stands about forty feet tall and a good thrifty feet across. Dan has to trim it back every second year now so we can get down our walk and out our gate. It is home to numerous birds and a stopping off point for the occasional squirrel.

In a few weeks, the trees on either side of us will have their new leaves, the grass will be green, our vegetables will be growing and our flowers will start blooming.

After a long Saskatchewan winter, every warm spring day should be celebrated as Earth Day!