July 21st – Sharing the Magic

My meditation was a bit distracted this morning due to all of the activity in my meditation corner.

I had a little visitor checking me out.
And getting a little closer
Maybe from this angle
Quick run to the nut basket
Peanut to go
Having a snack while keeping one eye on me
While the squirrel was busy watching me, this little guy got cocky and had a dip in the birdbath.
All the fascination must have been from Dan’s latest upgrade to my corner. πŸ’ž

Dan thought I should have a peanut in my hand to offer our little visitor. Since he was about three feet from me, I could see him leaping into my lap to grab the peanut . I couldn’t see that ending well for either of us. 😳

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying such an eventful day. Have a good one and I will see you tomorrow! πŸ’ž


22 thoughts on “July 21st – Sharing the Magic

  1. Looks like there might be some confusion on who’s invading whose spot! He’s adorable! We hang one ear of corn in our maple tree and enjoy the new batch of baby squirrels trying to figure out how to nibble a kernel off-upside down! Keep up the good work…

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  2. I like watching the squirrels come and go but I have never spent so much time face to face with one before. Do you cook the corn or dry it out first? Sounds like so much fun to watch the baby squirrels eat it. πŸ€—

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  3. We buy the bagged ears of dried corn from a farm store here. Costs about 10 dollars for 25-30 pounds. During the winter John will keep 3 ears out at a time. One is wire mesh and holds a good sized ear. The other 2 he just pushes the cob onto very large nails hanging on the tree. The babies seem comfortable around John when he’s out there and will let him within a couple feet before they move. I think if he worked at it they would easily take kernels from his hand. The corn keep them busy and they don’t bother the bird feeder which is a few feet away.

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  4. Such a great post with all the wonderful photos of the squirrel friend! Haha, well almost a friend. At least you have nature nearby! πŸ™‚β€οΈ

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  5. What a lovely squirrel. Those eyes shows his intelligence – amazing pics! He knows he’s safe with you. Such a wonderful encounter 😊

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