July 22 – Magic on the Prairies

Back to our trip home a couple of weeks ago… On Highway 2 just south of Moose Jaw, there is a heritage museum that we pass on our way to Gravelbourg. If you find yourself passing through southern Saskatchewan, I think this is a stop worth making. 😊

The highlight of this museum (in southern  Saskatchewan, far from access to any  ocean port) is what was meant to be a seafaring steam ship. This ship was built by one determined Finnish immigrant, during the great depression, using a few handmade tools and brute strength. The complete and strangely fascinating  story of Tom Sukanen and the Sontiainen can be found here.

What began as a tribute to one of our more colorful settlers, has grown to a sizeable collection of historic buildings filled with relics from our past. One such building is a firehall filled with firefighting items from the early 1900’s. Plans are being made for a building to house and restore the fire trucks that have been collected over the years.

There is also a large display of farming equipment that would have been used by the early settlers to this area.

If you are interested in visiting the Sukanen museum, there is more information to be found on their official website.

I hope you found a little magic in this short tour. We did not have time to go inside the Sontiainen or any of the buildings, only a few of which I have shown here. Maybe next time! I will be sure to share the photos I am able to get at some point.

Have a great day and I hope to see you tomorrow! 💞


5 thoughts on “July 22 – Magic on the Prairies

  1. It is off the TransCanada but not very far (basically across Moose Jaw plus maybe 5 km). Moose Jaw is a nice stopover as well. They have good amenities from a nice spa hotel with mineral pools to RV parking at a nice park. A lot of interesting heritage buildings.

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