December 30th – “Not A Creature Was Stirring…”

Since I was determined to make this Christmas a reasonably good one, I thought it would be nice to have a tree.  Not only did Dan agree, but he thought it would be ever so nice to have a REAL tree.   It was ever so nice. 😁

Our real nice tree of 2021 🤗

We got our tree, Dan found the stand, and set it up.  Together we strung the lights and I added tinsel and ornaments before Dan moved it to the corner table of the livingroom.

A couple of days later, I happened to spy a little critter slowly jog past Kat.   Kat seemed more confused than shocked or upset.  I was rather baffled myself .  It seemed the size of a mouse but did not seem particularly mouse like – and it was black. 

For a day or so there was no further critter activity – no mouse, no poo, no sign of mouse activity in our cupboards.   We all agreed to believe that Kat and I had imagined the entire mouse episode.  Thank God, because I am terrified of mice.  (A story for another day). 

Dan went back to work for a couple of night shifts. On night one, I started working on my jigsaw puzzle, and our elusive guest jogged past me.   I decided to move into the livingroom.  I sent a string of texts to Dan – “we definitely have a mouse in the house…   it is in the kitchen… it came into the livingroom… omg it is in the Christmas tree!”   Meanwhile Kat dozed on the couch and amazingly I remained rather calm and coherent.   Dan was definitely concerned but moreso about my sanity than the actual possibility of my cartoonish mouse.

The second night was much the same – with the guest appearance of a fuzzy grey walnut that peaked out from under the fridge and ducked back just as quickly.

FYI.. as I sit in the livingroom writing this, guest #1 just jogged past my chair. 😳

Last night, Dan was home and he finally saw Guest #1 and… Guest #3 with his own eyes. Guest #3 is a miniature version of Guest #1. Dan agreed that these were no normal mice. I searched the internet and I am somewhat convinced that we are entertaining a family of small shrews who travelled into our house via our REAL NICE Christmas tree.

FUN FACT – Shrews are not rodents but a type of the Eulipotyphla mammal. Apparently rodents are also a form of mammal too – but not a form I choose to relate to. 🥴

Bottom line – Dan is out looking to purchase some mushrooms, bread, and critter catchers – since these little beggars do not seem interested in our regular mouse traps. For the time being, I am at home and “The creatures are definitely stirring!”

Kat is not so inclined to stir. 🙄

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


July 15th – Magical Trees

I don’t know how anyone could look at a tree and not believe in magic. I love trees. 💞. The beauty, the strength, the ability to produce the oxygen we need to survive. Trees are the epitome of magical.

Genie & Rory in a simpler time – hanging out in the trees of Wascana Park.
Where could you hide a giant elephant in downtown Regina? In a tree. 😉

Have a magical rest of the day! See you tomorrow💞

For the Love of Trees

There are at least a dozen moments a day when I realize I am so absolutely happy to be retired. My favorite moment is when I walk out the door – any day, any time to enjoy my walk around our neighbourhood with Kat.

My favourite thing about our neighbourhood is the proliferation of trees. Trees do so much to dress up a neighbourhood and make it appear strong and healthy. I never get tired of the trees.

Trees forming an arch over our street🤗
Trees shading the basketball courts and the pool.
A little path between one of the ball diamonds and a row of trees. I can actually walk through there without knocking myself out on a tree branch.
Dan prefers this path – it is a bit roomier.
The city cut down dozens of trees in our little golf course last summer. I have no idea why these two were saved but they do stand out.
One little blackbird sitting in a tree.
A random group of trees we pass.

I have no idea how many trees we have in Regina – definitely thousands (several thousands). When settlers first came here there were zero trees – just flat land with a creek (Wascana Creek) sitting beside a pile of bones. (Which is why Regina was originally named ‘Pile of Bones’). I am not sure why the settlers thought this would be a good place to settle, much less be the capital city of Saskatchewan, but I am grateful that they were industrious enough to start planting the trees we enjoy today.

Earth Day 2020

I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday to honor Earth Day 2020.  However, it was such a beautiful spring day that I spent the day cleaning out flower beds, sweeping patios, walking the dog and starting a few more bedding plants.      Today, I am going to plant some lettuce, radishes and onions. With luck we have seen the last of any major snow storms for this season.

This morning I am relaxing on our patio looking up at our spruce tree. When I moved in here twenty years ago, this tree was no more than a foot tall. Dan’s Mother had brought it over and helped him plant it before I knew him and just days before she passed away. This tree was her final gift to him so obviously it is very special to him, and to me as well.

Today our little tree stands about forty feet tall and a good thrifty feet across. Dan has to trim it back every second year now so we can get down our walk and out our gate. It is home to numerous birds and a stopping off point for the occasional squirrel.

In a few weeks, the trees on either side of us will have their new leaves, the grass will be green, our vegetables will be growing and our flowers will start blooming.

After a long Saskatchewan winter, every warm spring day should be celebrated as Earth Day!

Summer in Saskatchewan

I know that winter does not officially begin for another month but I am ready for summer to return.

I am ready for walks in the park. Ready for the sunshine and the warm summer breezes.

I am ready for the blossoms that decorate our yard all summer long.

I am ready to wander, to find hidden ponds, to breath the clean fresh air of summer.

I am ready for deep blue skies and the fluffy white clouds of summer.

I am even ready for summer showers.

Only six more months until summer in Saskatchewan💖