December 30th – “Not A Creature Was Stirring…”

Since I was determined to make this Christmas a reasonably good one, I thought it would be nice to have a tree.  Not only did Dan agree, but he thought it would be ever so nice to have a REAL tree.   It was ever so nice. 😁

Our real nice tree of 2021 🤗

We got our tree, Dan found the stand, and set it up.  Together we strung the lights and I added tinsel and ornaments before Dan moved it to the corner table of the livingroom.

A couple of days later, I happened to spy a little critter slowly jog past Kat.   Kat seemed more confused than shocked or upset.  I was rather baffled myself .  It seemed the size of a mouse but did not seem particularly mouse like – and it was black. 

For a day or so there was no further critter activity – no mouse, no poo, no sign of mouse activity in our cupboards.   We all agreed to believe that Kat and I had imagined the entire mouse episode.  Thank God, because I am terrified of mice.  (A story for another day). 

Dan went back to work for a couple of night shifts. On night one, I started working on my jigsaw puzzle, and our elusive guest jogged past me.   I decided to move into the livingroom.  I sent a string of texts to Dan – “we definitely have a mouse in the house…   it is in the kitchen… it came into the livingroom… omg it is in the Christmas tree!”   Meanwhile Kat dozed on the couch and amazingly I remained rather calm and coherent.   Dan was definitely concerned but moreso about my sanity than the actual possibility of my cartoonish mouse.

The second night was much the same – with the guest appearance of a fuzzy grey walnut that peaked out from under the fridge and ducked back just as quickly.

FYI.. as I sit in the livingroom writing this, guest #1 just jogged past my chair. 😳

Last night, Dan was home and he finally saw Guest #1 and… Guest #3 with his own eyes. Guest #3 is a miniature version of Guest #1. Dan agreed that these were no normal mice. I searched the internet and I am somewhat convinced that we are entertaining a family of small shrews who travelled into our house via our REAL NICE Christmas tree.

FUN FACT – Shrews are not rodents but a type of the Eulipotyphla mammal. Apparently rodents are also a form of mammal too – but not a form I choose to relate to. 🥴

Bottom line – Dan is out looking to purchase some mushrooms, bread, and critter catchers – since these little beggars do not seem interested in our regular mouse traps. For the time being, I am at home and “The creatures are definitely stirring!”

Kat is not so inclined to stir. 🙄

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


32 thoughts on “December 30th – “Not A Creature Was Stirring…”

  1. That’s creepy! And odd that they aren’t interested in your traps. Consider using the rectangular sticky pads that I use to catch scorpions and spiders among other vermin in my house. Once they are on the sticky stuff, they won’t be able to get away. How nice to have a real tree though, they always smell so good! You guys did a dandy job decorating it. ❤️

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  2. We have electronic mousetrap – they are effective and neat. I don’t think I could pick up a pad with a mouse stuck to it. And I definitely can’t handle those wooden spring loaded traps.


  3. Oh my goodness!! I think I would be freaking out but then I’d realize I’m not going to die. Lol 😆 I hope you can catch them and it’s amazing they didn’t scamper off before the tree went into the house! I think I’ll stick with my fake tree! 🎄❤️🥰

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  4. Oh, my goodness!!! Who would ever think of shrews being in a Christmas tree. They must have been looking for a warm place for the winter. 🙂 It sounds like Dan has a good plan to remove them. Hoping they are all soon removed and you have no more critters visiting or moving in Anne. This will be a Christmas tree you won’t forget I bet.

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