December 27th – It’s Over

For better or worse, the Christmas of 2021 has come and gone. It was definitely nice that Dan had the day off this year. In fact we had a few days together. It was very special to have some quiet time to relax in front of the fireplace (which is conveniently placed under the television) and enjoy each other’s company.

Santa Dan was good to me as always. He was out and about for two days finding me the perfect winter boots – with is no simple task and a new elephant to join our herd.

Short enough to be easy to put on but tall enough to cover my ankles, solid enough to be safe on icy walks but light enough to drive in, warm & cozy but stylish to boot!
Latest member of the herdğŸ’ž

Granddaughter Genie and Alex came by on Christmas morning to drop off a Christmas bouquet and pick up their gifts from us. They stayed for a lovely visit.

Flowers from Genie & Alex

We had a good phone chat with son Dan and photos from Amanda of the kids opening their gifts. Gabby and Lucas were obviously happy with theirs. It was a bit harder to tell with Cason from his ‘butt shot’. 😂 I had a call from son Mark later in the day and my siblings and I exchanged seasonal greetings by email. Dan and I had a nice long video chat with his sister Joan.

Dan and I enjoyed a nice ham supper for Christmas Eve and a beautiful turkey supper for Christmas Day. We have officially perfected the art of making turkey stuffing. It was our best ever! In between ham and turkey and Boxing Day quesadillas, we snacked on an abundance of treats including the gourmet chocolates I picked up a few days ago. 🤢 I saved Dan from the Rose Petal one.

Annual jigsaw puzzle

That it for today. I hope you all had a nice Christmas with the perfect mix of food and family and peace and goodwill.

Take care and have a great rest of the holidays. ğŸŽ„


26 thoughts on “December 27th – It’s Over

  1. I Love the boots! Your Christmas sounds a lot like mine was with family and gift exchanges and all the good food!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration too!! ğŸ’ž

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  2. You too, Frony! Jigsaw puzzles have always been a part of my life – my families lives and my grandchildren’s lives. I am surprised when I meet people who say they have never been into them. (Or have Legos or books in their homes 😂).

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