December 24th – Angels Among Us

Today, Dan and I are celebrating the ‘Angels Among Us’ – or specifically one angel that came into our lives eighteen years ago today.

While all of our grandchildren are perfectly amazing, Genevieve (Genie) was the first and she changed our lives. From day one, she radiated the sweetest innocence. She became the toddler who loved every ladybug, climbed and crawled and danced her way into every heart.

So tiny and innocent
Precious and precocious

By the time Genie started school, she was the poised and and precious older sister – a Grandpa’s girl who possessed the kindness and wisdom of one beyond her years.

Serious and scholastic
With Maddy, little sister and sidekick

Through the years we have watched our Genie grow, bigger and stronger, but always true to who she is – kind, caring, bright and brave, loving and determined to make this world a better place. And she always will – because she truly is one of those angels who touch the hearts of all she meets and fills the hearts of those of us who are blessed to know and love her.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie – We love you and we are so proud of you. All the best wishes for you, forever and always. πŸ’ž

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