December 23rd – Christmas Elves

Today I am celebrating a visit from a couple of Christmas Elves (or angels).

Last night we received another dump of the white stuff , along with strong winds. Dan is working today and of course shoveling a ton of snow is not on my recommended post-op activities. Dan left for work this morning, anticipating shovelling when he got home, as our snowblower is presently not inclined to blow snow. For those who have never owned a snowblower, they are seldom inclined to blow snow. 🙄

Here we are snowed in. 😏

So, obviously I felt bad for Dan – until this lovely couple about our age showed up, shovels in hand. They offered to clean all of our walks and the city sidewalk for twenty dollars. I offered a bonus if they cleared a little path for Kat on the garden side patio.

Clean & clear! ❄️

They did an amazing job. They practically cleaned off the patio – I told them it was plenty good. I gave them each twenty dollars and was happy to do it. I have no idea where they put the snow. I went out to check after they left, just out of curiosity, and found that they had even shoveled off the cement in the back yard! Our entire back yard is practically cement. I can hear our neighbour out shovelling now. I sure hope our snow didn’t go over the fence, even if they aren’t our favourite neighbours. Naughty elves? 😏

Anyway, that is it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞


20 thoughts on “December 23rd – Christmas Elves

  1. ◽◽🌟
    ◽ 🎄🎄

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  2. Wow, Annmarie! Such wonderful people, I would pay them 40 dollars too to get that stuff removed. Dan will be happy too! I guess you don’t have a garage to put your car in, it’s a pain cleaning the car off and can damage paint and glass too.

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  3. We have a huge, relatively new garage. I refuse to park in it because it is a pain in the ass. Much like I said it would be when we built it. We keep the boat and the snowblower in it, and in the winter my Taurus that Dan drives to work.

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  4. We expect our first tomorrow. Fortunately my husband has to work from home again because of the new strain of covid. He has his third snowblower, a machine to envy. In fact one of the neighbors actually envied it! I do love the kids that show up with shovels in hand, and we try to leave a spot for them to clear to reward their initiative.

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  5. Sometimes we get kids but not that often here. I really appreciated this couple showing up today! They were very professional and appreciative for the work. A lot of older people are struggling financially as well so glad to be a customer of theirs!

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