December 22nd – 3 More Sleeps

Every day is still a day to celebrate the season!  I have gotten a few things accomplished lately and could realistically be ready for Christmas any time now.

We packaged up a few things for son Dan and family.Ā  Dan sent it out for three day delivery on Monday and Amanda let me know they got it yesterday. (Way to go Canada Post!)

I wrapped presents – without a single glass of wine šŸ·.  Not that I need wine to do anything,  but it helps if that anything involves rolls of paper, sharp instruments, and sticky tape.

I received the last of the Christmas gifts that I had ordered for Dan and the birthday gift that I had ordered for granddaughter Genie.Ā  Dan drove me to ‘Chocolate Regina’ to pick up a small box of gourmet chocolates and we stopped by a the recently renovated restaurant at Casino Regina for lunch. The food and the restaurant were both very nice but the rest of the renovations left a lot to be desired in my mind. I am not a fan of clutter and chaos and that seems to be what they were going for.

Bernard Callebaut chocolates are amazing! Definitely not a treat we buy every day but they are Christmas worthy.

I have done a bit more cleaning up and decorating around the house. I love this little candle and these placemats that I picked up from The Dollar Store.

I also ran to Walmart to pick up a few last minute things while Dan was at work yesterday. Their Christmas displays are running a bit low but they brightened the place up by adding shelves of Valentine’s chocolates and Easter bunnies. That is not too wierd. Who buys Easter bunnies in December? šŸ°

Today I am going to try to get a bit of baking done and wrap the rest of the gifts.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!šŸ’ž


20 thoughts on “December 22nd – 3 More Sleeps

  1. This is true! I cannot believe that Canada Post got that parcel to Lloyd in one day – and to a Shoppers for pickup to boot. I should have had a shipped out early last week but wasn’t on my A game.

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  2. Hi Anne! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! One more store to go to tomorrow or rather 2 because one is the grocery store. I’m a little stressed out not planning things better this year!! Oh well, I’m definitely last minute charlie here trying to fit everything in before Friday!! I want to relax and enjoy Christmas and the weekend!! Wishing you and family a WONDERFUL Christmas and a Happy New Year too!! ā¤ļøā˜ƒļøšŸŽ„ā¤ļø

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