Summer 2022

It is the first official day of summer so I am showcasing a new seasonal appropriate header photo.  I forgot to ask her to autograph it, but this one comes from our twelve year old granddaughter Maddy.  It has to be a self portrait because it sure reminds me of her – right down to the perennially skinned knees. 

For those who use the WordPress reader and don’t see the header photo.

We are starting out the summer with a gloomy, cloudy day but it will be all rainbows if we get some much needed rain today.  

To finish getting Molly ready for summer walks and outings, we paid a visit to the veterinary clinic for her final round of puppy shots yesterday.  I am so glad that we are done with that and so grateful that we can afford the care and protection that it takes to keep her strong and healthy.  She weighed in at a whopping 42.5 pounds at four months old.

I’m sorry I don’t know where this meme originated but Dan shared it with me last night and I think it is hilarious – and very much Molly.  I am the one with the wine glass. 😂

Here’s wishing all a wonderful summer. Take care and have a great day!

December 24th – Angels Among Us

Today, Dan and I are celebrating the ‘Angels Among Us’ – or specifically one angel that came into our lives eighteen years ago today.

While all of our grandchildren are perfectly amazing, Genevieve (Genie) was the first and she changed our lives. From day one, she radiated the sweetest innocence. She became the toddler who loved every ladybug, climbed and crawled and danced her way into every heart.

So tiny and innocent
Precious and precocious

By the time Genie started school, she was the poised and and precious older sister – a Grandpa’s girl who possessed the kindness and wisdom of one beyond her years.

Serious and scholastic
With Maddy, little sister and sidekick

Through the years we have watched our Genie grow, bigger and stronger, but always true to who she is – kind, caring, bright and brave, loving and determined to make this world a better place. And she always will – because she truly is one of those angels who touch the hearts of all she meets and fills the hearts of those of us who are blessed to know and love her.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie – We love you and we are so proud of you. All the best wishes for you, forever and always. 💞

August 11 – Growing Up & Growing Old

Brook & Genie

I had a number of reasons to feel grateful yesterday.  One of my favourites was a short visit from two of our granddaughters – Brook and Genie.  Brook was  in town and she dropped by  to tell me that by Christmas I would be a great-grandmother!    I love babies, tots, kids, tweens, teens and as high as our grands take it.  But seriously – I am going to be a 😳😳😳 great-grandmother! 

Genie as newborn – now 17

Becoming a grandmother seventeen years ago was a bit of a wake up call but I could work with it.  Genie called her mother ‘Mommy’ and I was ‘Mom’ (That is what everybody else called me in those days 🤷).

Rory at 3 yrs old – now 16

Rory followed soon after, but due to medical issues – specifically muscle and joint issue – he barely spoke for quite some time.  Dan was ‘HaHa’.  I was more of an ‘AhAh’.

Gabby at 3 yrs old – now 16

Gabby was next. We seldom saw her so she was a bit too shy around us to throw the ‘Grandma’ word around willy nilly.

Brook at 6 – Genie at 4     Now 20 &  17

Brook was five when she was brought into the family and she already had a Grandma.  I have always been ‘Anne’ to her.

Maddy at 2 yrs old – now 11

Then Maddy came along and there was no denying.  I was ‘GRANDMA’.  Grandma, grandma, grandma…. Maddy started speaking fluently when she was about five minutes old and ‘Grandma’ was her magic word.  After the seventeenth ‘Grandma’ in a row, Maddy scored whatever she ‘needed’ – panties, sneakers, McDonalds, boots,  Playdoh, coloring books and one balloon on a stick! 😂

           Prim at 6, Lucas at 4, Cason at 4 mos.  Now 9, 6, & 2          

Since Maddy, four more grands have joined the family.   Prim, Lucas, and Cason joined ranks with Maddy.  ‘Grandma’ became official and I officially got older.

Dom at 2 yrs – now 6

Except for Dominic.  He insists on calling me ‘Nana’.  In turn, I call him ‘Fred’.  He does not like it but he has yet to figure a work-around. 😁

With one more grand on the way in November, now I have to face reality at a new level. Great-Grandmother!

Regardless, it will all be worth it to have another little one in the family. We are beginning a new generation and I am sure each and every one of these babes will be unique, amazing, and someone in our lives to be infinitely grateful for.

The trick is to age honestly and gracefully and make it look so great that everyone looks forward to it.”

– Emma Thompson

(What a lovely legacy to leave one’s growing family!)

Wishing all a great day! See you tomorrow 💞

July 3rd – Warming Up 🌞

We are getting our share of the heatwave this week. It is a little warm to get motivated but I have a few July ‘Magical Moments’ to share today. I hope you enjoy.💞

The magic of modern technology yesterday when I headed out to the store. Brian Adams and air conditioning. I even tried the seat butt cooler. Jury is still out on that. 😂
My Coral Bells (Heuchera) are starting to bloom! The blossoms attract butterflies and produce seeds which I can use the to start new plants next year. Because the seeds from a plant can be any color, irrelevant to the parent plant, next year I will have a rainbow of Heuchera plants.
And our cucumbers are finally starting to take off 🤗
Best magical moment for the day – our granddaughter Gabby is celebrating her sweet sixteen birthday today. Sweet she is – especially when she is doting on her little brothers! 🎂

I hope you enjoyed our July Magical Moments of the day and here is wishing you all a bit of your own magic today! 💞

DAY 30 – This Is IT!

It is Day 30 of my thirty day June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ challenge. I have been officially retired for a solid year and I have proven to myself that I can still pull together the focus, the capability, and the inspiration to succeed – on time and on budget! 🤣🤣

I have thought about this final post for pretty much the past month. I was pretty confident the entire post would ‘Accentuate’ my sense of accomplishment. However, “the best laid plans of mice and men” has declared that today I must share the spotlight. Last night I received a text from our granddaughter.

After seventeen years of filling our lives with hugs and kisses, giggles and ladybug liberties, our Genie has graduated – along with her partner in cuteness, Alec. Congratulations you two!

Genevieve (Genie) over the years
Genie & Alec’s pandemic graduation. (Notice how color coordinated they are?)

Genie was also officially diagnosed with h-eds this week. That may not sound like a positive but it so is. You cannot deal with, access the treatment and therapy you require, or get your physician to consider that you have, an all-encompassing condition, until you have a legit diagnosis on your medical records. I know this because Genie’s siblings are affected, her mother (my daughter Jenn) is affected, I have been affected, and my Mother was affected. Lack of a proper diagnosis has caused enough unnecessary pain and issues for our family. So yea, this is a positive!

Back to me… I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge that I set for myself. It has helped me to appreciate the positive in my life. For those who have been following, or dropping in from time to time, I hope that your moments with me have been enjoyable and a little bit uplifting. I genuinely appreciated your comments, compliments and thumbs up (likes).

The reason I chose the “Accentuate the Positive” challenge for June was because there has been so much struggling and suffering around for so long. Covid, difficult economic times, political issues, crime and violence, anger and frustration, mental health issues, racial issues and the like, are all wearing people down. I felt that posting a little warm and fuzzy every day was just a nice and timely thing to do.

I know that my June blogs have not fixed all that ails our world. I did not expect them to. But, I am no quitter! 🤣 Tomorrow I am starting a new series of blogs. It will not be a challenge (because I know I’ve got this). It will simply be my mission for July. I hope you will drop by from time to time to check it out.

That is it! June challenge complete!

Have a great day! 💞


Growing up in my family we kept to a fairly predictable schedule. (My mother was a drill Sargent in her previous life 🤣) Dinner was at 12 noon, supper was at 6 PM, laundry was done on Monday morning, and birthdays and holidays were celebrated on their appropriate dates.

When my family was young, our schedule was somewhat predictable. Meals were always at the table. Supper was 6ish, I did laundry once a week, and birthdays and holidays were celebrated on or close to appropriate dates.

Between Dan’s 24/7 shifts, kids growing up and having their own families, and various births and health crises, our schedule has become rather loosely goosey…. We eat, we do a load of laundry when one of us happens to go downstairs for whatever reason, and we celebrate birthdays and holidays.

Last night we had granddaughter Genie and her boyfriend Alex/Ben over. We enjoyed our Christmas turkey supper, topped off with a peanut butter cheesecake to celebrate Genie’s birthday (she will turn 17 on December 24th – and she doesn’t eat peanuts 🤦- I made her a mug cake and dressed it up for the occasion).

Aren’t they the cutest?
I love Genie’s hair – gorgeous colour.
My amazing husband who helped make supper and cleared away all of the leftovers. My less than amazing dog lurking for any flying food that Genie lost control over.

Dan is scheduled to work straight through December 22nd to 26th but we will be getting together with Genie and Alex/Ben on the 30th. But, we won’t be celebrating New Year’s 😂 – they are coming with us to son Dan’s wedding on the 31st. New Year’s will have to merge with Easter and Dan’s birthday sometime in the spring.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s – I hope you have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones!🌲☃️ And for our southern neighbours – Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Grandpa’s Girl

When I married Dan 21 years ago, I had two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage. Dan had never been married and had no children. He was better to my kids than their own father had ever been – especially to my daughter, who was fifteen at the time.

A few years later, my daughter became a mother and we became first time grandparents.

Grandpa, Genie and Casey

Dan and I were in the delivery room with Jennifer when Genevieve arrived. They stayed with us for nine months, by which time Grandpa’s shoulder had become Genie’s go to place, in good times and bad. After Jennifer and Genie moved out, they were often back to spend time with us. Genie was always excited to see Grandpa and would spend hours entertaining him while she searched out and played with the many ladybugs in our garden. She soon became his little ladybug. 🐞

Grandpa’s little ladybug, Genie

When Genie was about nine, Dan and I went on a vacation to Ontario. While we were at Niagara Falls, Dan got his one and only tattoo – a small ladybug on his left shoulder – as a reminder to Genie that no matter how big she got, he would always have a place on his shoulder for her.

When Genie saw Grandpa’s ladybug, she decided that when she was old enough, she would get a ladybug to match – to show him that she would always be there for him as well.

A couple of years ago, I was able to arrange for Genie to get her ladybug tattoo on her sixteenth birthday. Our tattoo artists do not typically work with anyone under eighteen, but my boss’s son agreed to do this one for Genie.

Genie turned sixteen on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, we could not make the tattoo happen right away and by the time we were able to, Covid-19 had temporarily closed all of our tattoo shops. Recently, they reopened and Genie was one of the first in line to book an appointment.

Genie – Getting her tattoo
Grandpa and his ever loving ladybug, Genie

It is finally done! Genie and Grandpa happily showing off their matching tattoos 💞

Happy Birthday, Gabby!

Happy Fifteenth Birthday to our dancing, world traveling, academically achieving, basketball playing granddaughter!

Gabby – Grade 9
Gabby’s first visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s
Daddy’s Girl💖
Cool Gabby
Gabby, Lucas & Amanda
Lucas, Santa, Cason & Gabby – Gabby saves her biggest smiles for when her little brothers are in the picture😊

Life isn’t always simple or easy for young people – but no matter how great life is, or how challenging it can be, Gabby shines through. 🌞

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and your best year ever (so far). Love Grandma & Grandpa D. 🎂

Summer Saturday

It has been a relatively uneventful day today. I was up at six a.m. compliments of Kat – our little dog has to eat.


After coffee and checking out the news (such as it was), I got ready to go shopping with Dan. Our first stop was Superstore. I ran in to the smoke shop to get Dan cigarettes. (I haven’t smoked since 2010 – I should never smoke again but I am keeping my options open). The clerk was none other than Grandpa’s Genie. I ‘accidentally’ left the cigarettes on the counter so Dan would have to run in to see her. 🤣

Genie (& Kat) – such a Grandpa’s girl🐞

We travelled on to Walmart to pick up a few items. There was a big sale on TP. We should now be good through to the next pandemic.

We came home. I changed into shorts and a light top to give Bob the Boulder a bath with the pressure washer. It was supposed to be 31 above (celcius) – it was not.

Bob the Boulder

I froze my butt off and took all the shrapnel I could handle before going in to change – again! I put on a black sweater and pants (the closest I have to a ski-doo suit) poured myself a glass of wine and headed back to the frigid outdoors.☃️


There wasn’t a cloud to be seen. It was hot as hell! I powered through the wine and headed back in to change into something cooler while Dan made us icy cold Caesars. 😊

Fortunately we picked up hotdogs and buns for supper. After wine and a Caesar, I am not up to cooking anything too challenging. 😉

Bye for now. Wishing everyone a great weekend🌞

Another Day In The Life Of..

Dan is back on shift today. Kat and I bounced to life at 5:30 a. m. Granted, one of us had more life than the other at that ungodly hour. I fed Kat, had my morning infusion of coffee and spent some time reading the news and checking out Facebook. Neither brightened my day.

I had a hearty brunch at 9:00. That perked me up. I went outside and started painting planters. I am down two with thirty six to go!

I stopped for a bit of a break and my brat of a granddaughter snuck in and scared the life out of me.

Genie sporting her new glasses.

The grocery stores are finally settling down here. I am so glad that Genie is finally getting a few days off. She needs it and she so deserves it!

Genie brought me a couple of little elephants to join the herd.

Have a nice day🌞