Heading Home

Genie and her sister Brook have begun making their way back home! They were both working for North American Midway this summer, but seldom had time to spend together as Genie worked in Guest Services and was usually in KiddieLand, while Brook was selling tickets on the adult Midway.

Having been sisters since Genie was three and Brook was five, it is nice that they are getting to spend this time together. Their trip began this morning with an Uber ride to the train depot in London, Ontario where they were taking the train to Toronto. They are spending the night at the airport hotel and will be on the plane at 8A.M. tomorrow for their flight home. Just one more adventure for our (not so little anymore) girls.

Genie & Brook – sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa D’s.
Brook & Genie – another one of many sleepovers.
Genie & Brook – Saturday lunch. (A lot of those too!)
Brook and Genie – Toronto

Tomorrow morning, they are back in their real worlds. ☺️

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž

Genie Update

Our girl Genie has moved on from Toronto to her last stop in London, Ontario.Β  Eleven more days and she will be back home. πŸ₯°

Genie was supposed to engage in one more special adventure this week – taking a train from Toronto to London. That is not an opportunity that presents itself in Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, being one of the exhibition employees who took a first aid course earlier in the season, she was called up for duty this week. Part of being the First Responder on duty meant staying around until the exhibition tear down was complete and travelling with the other employees in the company buses. I keep forgetting to ask her who would take care of her if she was injured while she is tasked with being the First Responder. That is probably one of those things I don’t really need or want to know. 😯

Genie did manage to send me a few more photos to share while waiting for the buses to arrive….

I am not positive but I think the woman beside Genie worked Guest Services in KiddieLand with her in Toronto. She loved working with her because she was so nice that she reminded her of Grandma. Awww…πŸ’ž
Just a pigeon passing by…
And a little moth stopping for a rest. That ladybug from last week must have given Genie a good review. πŸ™‚
There was a big airshow going on above the exhibition the last few days that they were in Toronto.
Genie said she was bothered by the loud, low flying jets. Since this was the best photo she could get, we will just have to take her word on this one. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That is it for today. Hopefully I will have more news on how London is going when Genie files her regular Sunday report.

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž