The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Yesterday was a rather challenging day for me.  I was just off, and while there were some bright moments along the way, there were some that were less than brilliant.

The Good! I received a few items that I ordered from Amazon.   This isn’t something that we do often, but for some odd reason there is a shortage of squirrel peanuts in our stores these days, so I put together a small order.

If you haven’t tried these crackers or salted nuts, they are both amazing.  I don’t know how Amazon sells Costco products.   Since I cannot handle Costco’s bare cement floors (or their location here), I really appreciate it.

I also got a sundress for myself, which is super comfortable and fits quite well. 

More Good!  I cleaned out my dresser drawers, tossed a number of items, and sorted and folded the rest.  I noticed that somehow, something had slid under the bottom drawer so with some finagling and some help from Molly, a ruler, and a small flashlight, I found a favourite pair of socks, a couple of bras, and SEVERAL unopened packages of pantyhose from my office days.  Weird – I always wondered where they went.  

The Bad! While my morning walk with Molly was pretty good yesterday (as our morning walks generally are), the evening one was bad.  I had a bruised toe that was very painful, the mosquitos were terrible, and Molly was distracted and disturbed by every  barking dog we passed – and we passed a lot of barking dogs!

Also Bad! Since I started my mission to get fitter back in February, I have shaken things up every few weeks by adding new healthful activities (like walking Molly), improving my diet, and the like.    Yesterday I needed a shake up so I turned to something a few fellow bloggers, most recently Dwight from Faded Jeans Living , have tried.   I decided to give cold showers a go.  This was a stretch for me because I do not enjoy showering at the best of times (bubble baths thank you) and apparently our cold water is piped in straight from the North Pole.    But, I have been reading up on this practice, there are a number of benefits that do sound reasonable, and I am no quitter.  So,  as much as that was one unpleasant split second after I turned the hot water off, I am not done.   I will definitely giving this another – and several more tries before I throw in the towel, so to speak.

The Ugly! Molly is not the first dog I have had.  She is not even the first BIG dog I have had.  Up north, we had a sizeable Springer Spaniel who was aptly named Sprocket.   But, yesterday, I had a big dog moment that I was NOT prepared for.

Major Puddle
Molly’s water dish

I don’t know exactly what happened, but Molly came crashing into the porch, holding up one injured paw, and despite my best efforts, swallowed an entire sparrow before I could figure out how to get it out of her mouth or bribe her with something that would be less disgusting than eating an entire bird.   🤢

I can’t believe our veterinarian gives me regular diet advice like, “you can start giving Molly an additional 1/2 cup of dry food a day” or “Molly is too young to have bones or bully sticks”.   Molly eats wood (in fact she eats trees), she chew on rocks, she eats anything out of the recycling bin, and now she eats entire birds – beak, feathers and all!  (I am not even sure it was dead).  

Today is looking up to be a less intense day all around. It is cool and raining out. Molly is relatively mellow and it is time for me to get something productive done around here.

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞

Miss Molly Is Growing Up

Molly is four months old today! All things being equal, that would be twenty-eight months in human time. That seems about right. While she is obviously a joy, she has her “terrible two’s” moments.

Looking back through photos I have taken of her in the past couple of months, since she has been with us, it is amazing how she has grown and changed. She is still a baby, but she is getting bigger, more independent, and smarter every day! And… more helpful. She definitely likes to help! Last night she tried to help me take a metal splinter out of Dan’s leg. Somehow, having a big white fuzzy head between me and the magnifying glass did not help. 🤦

First Day Home
With Her Toy Elephant.
First Roadtrip – and she was excellent!
In Her Kennel
This Morning

Here’s to Molly and many more months – and years of her filling our lives with all the love and joy she brings to our home. 💞

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! 🌞💞