Sunday Morning News

It is Sunday morning, so that means another update from our wandering girl Genie.  It is the final day of the Calgary Stampede so tomorrow it will be time to tear down the midway and move on to Edmonton. 

Genie’s been working some pretty intense hours in Calgary, but this week she did find the time to follow her heart and visit the art displays.   She sent me photos of  a few of her favourite finds, so hope you enjoy!   All  of these are just amazing and a tribute to the talent of their creators.

This Native chief was done entirely of melted wax crayons.
Wooden Sculpture
My favourite!
I can see how this one made Genies list of favourites.  She has always had a soft spot for angels(I think she can relate.💞)
Genie’s first book collection.

A little angel background…. When Genie was too young for preschool, she understood the concept of words and taught herself to read by having us help her to read signs – any and ALL signs.  When she was about seven or eight, we went to Walmart one day,  where local author Henry  Ripplinger was signing copies of the first book in his “The Angelic Letters Series”.   Genie was star struck to meet an actual published author.  He told her she was probably too young for his books but she turned those big eyes on me and of course Grandma indulged.     Needless to say, she read the book, cover to cover barely setting it down, and she was hooked.   She has acquired and devoured every book in the series since. I believe she had gotten most if not all  of them autographed. 

That is about it for today. Molly is sleeping off our morning walk (which went less than stellar), Dan is at work, and it is time for me to sweep and dust for the first of several attempts to keep this place in relative order today.

Take care and have a great day!


26 thoughts on “Sunday Morning News

  1. There are many interesting pictures showcased! I love the first one of the vivid city and the quilting is fascinating to look at. Good luck with any cleaning and organizing. I swear every day I will, and then I think what’s so great about clean and organized?

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  2. Thank you, John. All of our grandchildren are wonderful but Genie does have a special place in our hearts. She has spent so much time with us over the years, she is like one of our own. Since Dan and I never had children together, that makes her all the more special to us.

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  3. Love this Anne Marie! The artwork is amazing. My favorite is the Indian Chief made from melted crayons-unbelievable workmanship. Thanks for sharing…

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  4. Thank you, Elizabeth. Even her first year of college art courses has taught her to appreciate a wide range of textures, styles, and mediums. (I hope those are the proper words. I am less artistic.)

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