Week 22 to Wellness

I am still pretty much in a holding pattern as far as progress is going!  I am not terribly concerned or even disgruntled by this.  I am not losing ground, which is good and I figure for the time being the progress is just going on beneath the surface. 

My blood pressure is still holding really good.  I have been averaging 120/76 over the past month and that was with a couple of little spikes. I don’t know if the improvements is due to my daily workouts or the beet juice but I will keep doing both.

I am also still doing the sauerkraut.  I don’t know if it is helping my digestion any but it is sauerkraut and I love it and it came highly recommended so sticking with that as well.

I have been partaking in a cold shower every day or two and I can’t say how much I am enjoying them!  I don’t even like hot showers but I feel SO good after a cold shower.  It reminds me of a Mark Manson quote that Genie shared with me a couple of weeks ago..  “Wanting positive experience is a negative experience, accepting negative experience is a positive experience.” So much more profound than “No pain no gain.” 🙂

And the good news this week!  After a couple of ‘challenging’ walks with Molly this weekend, we had a great one this morning.   If she hadn’t gotten excited and jumped all over the hard hats at the Regent Park exit it would have been an A+ for her.  To be fair, I think they wait for her now and they do get as excited as she does when they see us coming,  so it isn’t ALL her.

Pathway in Patricia Park
We walked all three parks again and the only other visitors we met out and about were a couple of old crows. 😢
Molly was proud of herself today – and deservedly so.

The weather was perfect! The mosquitoes were tolerable. The litter was not too bad. All in all a beautiful way to start the day, and again not something I plan to drop from my daily routine.

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞


12 thoughts on “Week 22 to Wellness

  1. I’m glad that Molly is doing so well as are you, Anne! Those pesky mosquitos can make an outing so miserable, we don’t have them in the desert.

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  2. Well, glad to see you had such a good walk and that Molly is doing well. I like the line about things going on beneath the surface. No doubt all your inner workings are saying “thank you.”

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