London, Ontario

These weeks are just flying by! This whole year has gone so fast, I can’t believe we are in September. I am not done my spring cleaning and here I am chipping away at my fall cleaning.

Likewise, our Genie was just packing to leave for her summer adventure, and in five short days she will be heading home.

She is still making the most of every day of her travels across Canada. Today I am sharing photos that she took a few days ago, while checking out London, Ontario.

I didn’t crop or adjust any of these photo to correct the angle. I don’t know if the streets in Ontario tend to run at a slant or if Genie has a tendency to lean when she is taking photos, but I will just go with what she sent. Either way, with her artistic bent, I can see why Genie would have enjoyed visiting this area and taking photos of these beautiful buildings.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞