Leaf Me Alone!

Despite lower temperatures this morning and strong windgusts, Molly and I made our way around the neighbourhood on our daily walk.


I was somewhat concerned that following my recent health hiccup, our ever growing dog, and the strong winds, It might be a bit much for me today. Obviously, I am even stronger than I thought I was because the weather did not bother me a bit. When the windgusts hit me, which they did, they did not even have me struggling to breathe. I was good!

Molly, on the other hand, struggled. I have noticed her getting really edgy on our walks lately. She has seemed a little bothered by the crisp, dried leaves falling from the trees and hitting the ground – especially walking through the park where there is a constant snap, crackle, and pop of falling foliage.

Today with the strong winds, the leaves were not only falling, but drifting and piling up on the paths and sidewalks that we travelled. Molly tried dodging them, but since that didn’t work, she tried rolling in them and finally running her nose through them like a giant, white, hairy, truffle hog (or dog as the case may be). It might not have been a huge deal if I had not been on the other end of her leash, but since I was it was indeed a bit of an issue. I did more than my share of bumbling and stumbling as she tried to make her way through, over, and past the offending, ubiquitous leaves.

With no shortage of trees in our neighbourhood, Molly’s aversion to falling and fallen leaves may make for a long autumn.

Unfortunately, our only hope for an end to this season is the onslaught of the next – which will undoubtedly bring with it a barrage of falling and fallen snow. 🥺

We will get what we get when we get it! I just hope we find a way to bumble and stumble our way through it. Here is to hoping for an early spring!

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞🌬️🍃🍃🍃🍃


Molly and More

Summer is officially over!   Autumn has arrived and, as usual, it has arrived with a hint of the upcoming winter in the air.  Really, who needs that – especially in Saskatchewan, where winter brings ice, snow, frigid temperatures, short days, and long nights? 🥺

Chilly as it is, Molly and I did get outdoors this morning.   Since she destroyed yet another harness yesterday, her training harness no less, we had to revert to one of her older ones.  That made our outing a bit more challenging.   I did play ball with her for a while before we headed out, just to wear her down a little bit. 

Taking a break on the ball diamonds.

Our walk didn’t go great, but we got home in one piece so that counts as a win. Time to find Molly a new harness!

We are temporarily Jeepless this week.  It went in to the shop for a new oxygen sensor, which is proving to be problematic.  The latest news  is that there are none to be had in Regina.  I am not sure why the dealership  wouldn’t keep a few on hand.  It’s not like Jeep Cherokees are rare around here.  Black Jeep Cherokees are so ubiquitous that it looks like a funeral procession every time we drive down a street, through a drive through, or across a parking lot. 

The girls made it home yesterday morning.  They had a fairly good trip.  Genie slept through the train ride from London to Toronto.  I guess it wasn’t as exciting as she had anticipated.   Their hotel room was adequate.  I don’t know if either of them were particularly pumped about the flight.  They just wanted to be back home!

Landing in Regina 😊

Genie and her fiance Alec dropped by for a short visit and to drop off a few souvenirs that Genie picked up down east.   They will be back for supper on Sunday, along with Brook, her boyfriend Kale, and her daughter (our great-granddaughter) Alaska.   Genie just couldn’t wait that long to show off her newest tattoo…

An elephant for Grandma! 💓

Genie did send me a number of photos this morning but I will save them for another day. 🌞

I have a pot of chili on the stove that is ready to take the chill off the day.   Time to whip up some garlic toast and supper is served.

That is about it for today. Between Molly and waiting for calls from the shop, my day is a bit backwards today. I got my walk and weights done but haven’t done my dancing, meditation, or had my beet juice yet. I know I have said it before but…. I can’t imagine how I ever had time to work before I retired! 😂

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞

Changing Seasons

It is hard to find a lot of ‘positivity’ in a day that rings in at +5 Celsius and the world is turning a nasty shade of Saskatchewan greige but it is there if you look hard enough.

Kat and I geared up and went for a 3.67 kilometer walk around the neighbourhood. That was hardly a record for us this summer but it is a good 3.67 kilometers further than we used to walk on a daily basis. 😋

I have no idea what this is – the colour leaves something to be desired but I thought those hairy balls were cool. Baby tumbleweeds maybe?
I don’t know what these little cuties were either but they were blooming along the path in our neighbourhood park.

Time to get out and start harvesting everything I can from the garden. There is frost in the forecast for tonight so we will have to cover anything that isn’t ready to pick. 🤦

Have a great day! If there is heat and sunshine anywhere, get out and enjoy it! Send pics🙄

Autumn in Saskatchewan

Autumn is bearing down on us in Saskatchewan. The days are shorter, the air is cooler and damper, the leaves are falling, and the trees and grass are fading to greige. For those not from the construction industry, ‘GREIGE’ is a color created by some sick bastard who thought grey and beige were not dull and depressing enough on their own. He, or she as the case may be, combined the two and greige became the official color of autumn in Saskatchewan.

Anyone not from Saskatchewan, could easily believe winter would be our toughest season of the year, That is not the case, at least not for me, and I have lived here for 64 years. Winter can be harsh, with our minus fifty days, but the majority of winter is spent indoors or in vehicles and we do have coats, hats, gloves and boots to protect us from the elements when we must venture out. Icy roads may be difficult to navigate, but to be honest, the ice pretty much brings traffic to a crawl, so driving is not as treacherous as one would expect. As for the mountains of snow, yes it is more than an inconvenience, as it tends to fall or drift where it is least welcome, but at least it is not greige. So, there is that. For those who are inclined to participate in winter sports, such as hockey, curling, tobogganing or cross country skiing , winter in Saskatchewan is probably a joy. I am not one who is so inclined, but I can deal with winter.

Winter has one absolute advantage over autumn. As we struggle to keep warm and mobile throughout a Saskatchewan winter, we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We know spring is coming, with blue skies, green grass, and warm sunny days. In autumn, we know that the only thing at the end of the tunnel is a Saskatchewan winter.

This autumn holds a special place in my heart. This will be my last autumn before I retire. This is the last season, where it will truly matter to me if the days get shorter and the nights get longer, if the air gets cooler or if the province is covered in a shroud of greige as I travel back and forth to work with the masses. Next year, when autumn arrives, I will have the option of curling up with my dog and a hot cup of tea in my cozy little home, ready to ignore it to my heart’s content.