Molly and More

Summer is officially over!   Autumn has arrived and, as usual, it has arrived with a hint of the upcoming winter in the air.  Really, who needs that – especially in Saskatchewan, where winter brings ice, snow, frigid temperatures, short days, and long nights? 🥺

Chilly as it is, Molly and I did get outdoors this morning.   Since she destroyed yet another harness yesterday, her training harness no less, we had to revert to one of her older ones.  That made our outing a bit more challenging.   I did play ball with her for a while before we headed out, just to wear her down a little bit. 

Taking a break on the ball diamonds.

Our walk didn’t go great, but we got home in one piece so that counts as a win. Time to find Molly a new harness!

We are temporarily Jeepless this week.  It went in to the shop for a new oxygen sensor, which is proving to be problematic.  The latest news  is that there are none to be had in Regina.  I am not sure why the dealership  wouldn’t keep a few on hand.  It’s not like Jeep Cherokees are rare around here.  Black Jeep Cherokees are so ubiquitous that it looks like a funeral procession every time we drive down a street, through a drive through, or across a parking lot. 

The girls made it home yesterday morning.  They had a fairly good trip.  Genie slept through the train ride from London to Toronto.  I guess it wasn’t as exciting as she had anticipated.   Their hotel room was adequate.  I don’t know if either of them were particularly pumped about the flight.  They just wanted to be back home!

Landing in Regina 😊

Genie and her fiance Alec dropped by for a short visit and to drop off a few souvenirs that Genie picked up down east.   They will be back for supper on Sunday, along with Brook, her boyfriend Kale, and her daughter (our great-granddaughter) Alaska.   Genie just couldn’t wait that long to show off her newest tattoo…

An elephant for Grandma! 💓

Genie did send me a number of photos this morning but I will save them for another day. 🌞

I have a pot of chili on the stove that is ready to take the chill off the day.   Time to whip up some garlic toast and supper is served.

That is about it for today. Between Molly and waiting for calls from the shop, my day is a bit backwards today. I got my walk and weights done but haven’t done my dancing, meditation, or had my beet juice yet. I know I have said it before but…. I can’t imagine how I ever had time to work before I retired! 😂

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞


22 thoughts on “Molly and More

  1. What a day you’ve had! The O2 sensor not being in stock is on the parts department manager. I worked in the parts room of three of our GM dealerships over the years. The manager is responsible for ordering items from the factory or supplier.

    I am glad the girls are home safe, what a relief, right? Her new tattoo is cute, I didn’t know that Regina has so many tall buildings, a larger city than I thought, Anne Marie. Must be an in-flight photo taken while on approach.

    Shame on Molly for destroying her harness, bad girl!

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  2. Hopefully, we will have the Jeep back by noon tomorrow. I am glad the girls are back as well. 💞 Regina has a few taller hotels and a handful of office towers. Molly does have her moments. Fortunately, she is quite well behaved most of the time. 👍

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  3. You are busy, busy. Sure hope Miss sweet Molly does not chew her next harness. Cute elephant tattoo. I am hoping they find a part for your Jeep soon. I am not looking for the cold of winter to get here. It does not get as cold here as there but it still is much colder than I like. I sure don’t like the ice storms that we get. Have a great day and weekend, Anne.

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  4. Thank you, Mags! I hope Molly quits chewing things up period! And that she gets back to walking like a big dog. I hope they get the part soon, as well. I would rather have the cold than the ice! It is a long winter when it is freeze/thaw/freeze – repeat for six months. 🙄

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  5. Ah! Chili! It looks delicious and NOTHING like what was over my hotdog at the fair! Oh, well. I survived. I like Genie’s tattoo. That must be for Gram. Good luck with the harness. Animals can be so darn unpredictable. I brought Lucy home a LARGE cucumber from the farm stand this morning (yes, I paid for a very LARGE cucumber just for her) only to have her turn her bill/beak up at the sight of it. See what I mean???

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  6. Thank you! The chili was decent. Yes the elephant is for Gram. It is whispering Grandma advice into her ear. ☺️ We just went to Cowtown and spent $150.00 on Molly. New harness, new collar, two puffy pigs ears, and two chew sticks, and a bag of dog food. I am sure she will happily eat it ALL!


  7. Nobody thought so yesterday. 😯 Took Molly out on a regular harness yesterday and she kicked my ass. Had to call Dan to come and walk her home. We went and got her a new training harness and collar after that so this morning’s walk went WAY better! 😊


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