Changing Seasons

It is hard to find a lot of ‘positivity’ in a day that rings in at +5 Celsius and the world is turning a nasty shade of Saskatchewan greige but it is there if you look hard enough.

Kat and I geared up and went for a 3.67 kilometer walk around the neighbourhood. That was hardly a record for us this summer but it is a good 3.67 kilometers further than we used to walk on a daily basis. 😋

I have no idea what this is – the colour leaves something to be desired but I thought those hairy balls were cool. Baby tumbleweeds maybe?
I don’t know what these little cuties were either but they were blooming along the path in our neighbourhood park.

Time to get out and start harvesting everything I can from the garden. There is frost in the forecast for tonight so we will have to cover anything that isn’t ready to pick. 🤦

Have a great day! If there is heat and sunshine anywhere, get out and enjoy it! Send pics🙄


11 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. I love that hairy plant. Looks like tiny blonde wigs for sale-cheap. Sounds like Kat’s leg must be doing better, that was a pretty good walk. Yesterday when I walked it was 46 and the first day I had to wear long sleeves. This morning it was 70 at 7 am and I about melted…

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  2. Our weather is back and forth as well. Kat seems to be doing pretty good. Her limp or lack of one appears to be relative to how badly she wants to do something. I like the tiny cheap blonde wig description😂😂😂. My granddaughters would enjoy picking them for their Barbie’s.

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  3. Ok,had to look up the temp conversion. Yikes! Such a short summer. When you can travel you’ll have to come to the south and sweat with us! Actually waiting for a Canadian Cold Front. Open all my doors,windows,turn off air conditioners!

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