September Sunday

I am taking it easy today. I went for a walk with Kat this morning. She’s taking it slow lately due to a bum leg. I take her for a walk around our route, bring her home for a treat, and then go back for a brisker walk by myself.

Kat resting after her nap.

I snapped a few pictures in the garden while I was outside.

Our bell peppers are amazing this year.
Our jalapenos and other hot peppers are prolific.
Our Roma’s and San Marzanos are finally ripening
Kat has Tiny Tim tomatoes ripening faster than she can eat them.
A couple of our carrots have gone to seed. I have never seen that before but we have plenty of them and they are huge this year.
Out geraniums are still in bloom!

Time to rest and relax for a bit before I start supper.

Have a nice SundayπŸ’


14 thoughts on “September Sunday

  1. Wow! Your peppers are amazing! I never seem to have any luck unfortunately πŸ˜”. My spaghetti squash started to produce far too late and my cucumber plants became stunted for some unknown reason this year. Bizzare gardening experiences seem to keep happening to me yearly lol! Or maybe my green thumb ain’t all that green! πŸ˜‚ Whatever the case, I’d love to hear how you successfully grow those peppers!

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  2. It must be! I make salsa and have to keep buying my peppers from the store lol! I accidentally pulled quite a few carrots out when weeding 😳. I’m an impatient weeder. That’s unfortunate. I did manage peas this year. I totally thought this would be my year for cucumbers but at least I wasn’t the only one experiencing this. Here’s to next year!😊


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