It is another beautiful Sunday morning in southern Saskatchewan. 🌞

Molly and I went for our early morning walk.Β  We crossed paths with Bike Lady and her two dogs.Β  She stopped to have a short chat before going on her way.Β Β  Following her, we met up with another woman walking Myles from Mexico.Β  Molly and Myles checked each other out while Donna (?) And I chatted.Β Β  In the overall scheme of things, Molly did fairly well until we came to the tail end of our walk.Β  Obviously, she had been saving up all of her bad behaviour because she was pretty darned obnoxious on the homestretch.Β Β  It didn’t help that we had to pass at least a dozen yard dogs and they were all having a go at setting her off.Β 

Other news for the day?Β  Dan and I are celebrating our twenty-third anniversary today.Β  It seems incredible that it has already been twenty-three years and amazing that so much could have happened in only twenty-three years.Β 

With Dan’s Dad (d. 2003) and my Mom (d. 2013).   

And… I had my Sunday morning chat with granddaughter Genie.   TBH we had  today’s  chat yesterday.  She was so excited about her boyfriend Alec going up to Edmonton today to drive home with her tomorrow, that she got her days mixed up.  It is so funny… It  seems like yesterday that she was a sweet little tot bursting with love, joy, and excitement.  Yet here she is, all grown up (and despite all she has been through) –  sweet as ever and still bursting with love, joy, and excitement. πŸ’žπŸ€—

She sent me an assortment of photos to share today.  I hope you enjoy!

Food for Thought?
No idea what she was thinking! πŸ‘€
Checking out special Midway visitors…
Spiderman on the double decker merry-go-round!
Genie’s animal friends for the week seemed to be the slippery, slithery, reptile sort.
Mellow yellow…
Hiding in plain sight…
She must have been reminded of Bubbles – the turtle she grew up with. πŸ’ž
On to this week’s art fix.
Okay… πŸ€”
And finally she shared a couple of her sister Maddy’s latest adorable creations. πŸ’•πŸ€—
Precious 🌹🌹🌹

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!πŸ’ž

Regent Park

Our newly renovated neighbourhood park is almost complete and finally (mostly)  opened to the public. 

The entire area of land across the street from us and down to the railroad tracks (about four blocks away) was all greenspace when I moved in here twenty three years ago.  The amenities included baseball diamonds, a couple of small playgrounds, a par three golf course,  an indoor ice rink, and an outdoor pool.  There was also an overflow channel, trees galore, and an abundance of wildlife – birds, rabbits, gophers, butterflies, and when the mosquitoes got bad enough there would be a shimmering field of huge dragonflies. 

Over the years townhouses and a seniors residence were built, basketball courts were erected, and the wildlife was pretty much all driven away.  (The mosquitoes stayed. πŸ™„)

Now the Par 3 has been bulldozed along with many trees.  A new accessible playground, off-leash dog parks, and a toboggan hill have been added – along with much artwork and a winding path tieing it all together.

Personally, I preferred the natural state and wildlife but we live in a city. We are relatively fortunate to have access to the amount of greenspace we have in this area.

Sign at park entrance.Β Β  I didn’t read it when I was there, so I didn’t walk the outline of the buffalo. Just as well, since there seemed to be a basketball tournament going on at the time.
I love the path.  It is perfect for walking Molly early in the morning.  I hope it is kept cleared in the winter so we have a safe place to walk when the streets and sidewalks are icy and treacherous.
B is for ‘boulder’.Β  I don’t think there is a single bench in the park but people could sit on the boulders.
I have no idea… But I do think they have this area all seeded for grass as they were watering it this morning.
Hundreds of healthy trees were taken down but a few dead ones were left behind.
Baby buffalo (?) in front of the dog runs (which are not yet open and which do not seem to have water fountains although there are water lines running everywhere).
Accessible playground with splash pad and accessible washrooms.   I don’t know if I saw any other trash cans but there were at least three right in this area. πŸ‘
Close up of playground.
Washrooms,  which were needed to service this playground, the basketball courts right next to it, and the park area.
A dead tree with spindles stuck in it. I hope they add some signs to explain the artwork in this park. I am sure there is an interesting story behind it and it would be really helpful for those of us who are pretty much art illiterate.

There is a lot of open space and more to see in this park but walking Molly AND taking photos is a bit of a struggle.  I will take more photos  when I get the chance.    There are some really amazing boulders and some nice plants that I look forward to sharing.

That’s it for today.  Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž

Day 17 – Out and About

It is already Day 17 of my ‘Accent the Positive’ June challenge. For today’s dose of positivity I decided to take you for a walk around our neighbourhood. πŸ™‚

Kat and I have not been walking this year, but it was a beautiful evening yesterday and Dan was working the night shift so I decided it was the perfect time for us to get out for some fresh air and exercise. Since Kat has to stop every few feet to check things out, I had the chance to snap a few photos

Kat was so excited when she saw my sneakers and her leash! Yawn… πŸ˜‚
We walked past the ball diamonds. There were a few kids out there tossing a ball around.
Kat was so excited to see the path into Patricia Park but I decided to save that for another day.
We walked past the arena. Hockey season is over for this year so it was pretty quiet. Fun fact… I lived on this street with my kids for a couple of years. I almost collided head-on with my son in front of this arena. Good times!
Regent Park Pool – my daughter lived at this pool one summer!
Going past the basketball courts. I can’t believe there were only a few guys playing on one of the courts. Very odd…..
What used to be the Regent Park Par 3. They are demolishing it to build an offleash dog park and a tobogganing hill. Are offleash dog parks a thing everywhere? I can’t imagine letting Kat run loose with the dogs around here. 😳
I love Bobcats! Someday I will have my own Bobcat. 😏
Looking at the sky…. Waiting for Kat…. Nice clouds…… They look like they are in a hurry to get somewhere – unlike Kat.
The city removed at least a hundred trees from the golf course and left this one. It is a rather cool but bizarre choice, in my mind.
I like this one better. πŸ’–

Home was just around the corner. I hope you enjoyed our little walk. Seventeen days down and only thirteen to go. June is just flying by!

Have a nice day! I hope you get out for a bit of sunshine and fresh air. See you tomorrow. πŸ’ž

Still Walking🌬️

Kat and I went for our regular walk this morning. We did 5km in 66 minutes. That included three stops to pick up Kat poo, one stop to visit with a guy who was cutting through the park with his Giant Tiger purchases, one stop to chat with Gaylene and Absinthe (her black lab), and about half a km for Kat to search for berries and/or squirrels along the path. It was minus 8 celcius, snow flurries, and a brutal northwest wind.

Granted, I was wearing several layers of heavy fall clothing, including two pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves, but I was still pretty proud of myself and my little dog. I don’t know how we will make out through the winter, but we do not have any heavy snowfalls forecast for this month so we aren’t ready to give up our walk yet.

Have a great weekend and KEEP WARM🌞