Year Two – Week Seven

Year One of my healthier, fitter lifestyle ended with back to back to back setbacks.  (Flu/brutal winter season/broken arm). Year Two brought healing and an eminent improvement to our weather.   April brings a new fridge sign to our kitchen….

I am ready to Move Forward – and moving forward I am.

My big news, this week and moving forward, is that am working in partnership with my daughter.  We haven’t been on the same path for a few years but here we are – Moving Forward together.

Health and fitness wise, we are coming from the same place and heading in the same direction. 

  • We both have chronic health conditions that neither of us have been managing well.  I have my respiratory issues (asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis) plus  genetic collagen issues.  My daughter Jen shares my collagen issues, plus having IBS, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and multiple severe allergies.  We share an ongoing battle with weight issues.
  • We are both tired of television commercials offering a magic bullet for anything and everything that ails us.  They do not work unless we do – and their side effects are often as bad or worse than the conditions they supposedly ‘cure’.
  • We are both concerned about our healthcare system which is struggling to survive an aging population and an epidemic of unhealthy life choices.
  • We both want to do better.   We know that nutrition and activity are key to improving our health, our fitness, and our lives.   We bring complimentary tools to the table.  I am strong in  sourcing out motivation and a variety of suitable workouts.   Jen is strong in  cooking, baking, and sourcing out  healthy recipes, nutritional information, and dietary needs and restrictions. 
  • We are both ‘dog people’.  Since Jen is dogless at the moment, I gladly share  Molly.   Since I am still dealing with some arm recovery issues, Jen takes the lead with Molly on our walks.  We have managed several lengthy and relatively challenging walks in the past couple of weeks. 
Moving Forward !

All in all, we have made a promising start.   Our frequent walks are augmenting my morning Zumba and evening strength training.   Jen works a physically demanding job but has also started her own at home workouts – which typically include and enhance sweeping, dusting, and laundry 😂.

That is my (our) health and fitness update this week.

Take care, have a great week, and let’s welcome back some serious SPRING weather this week! 🪻😊