Soggy Sunday

It has been on again, off again, rain for the past couple of days. Today it is definitely ON AGAIN.

Fortunately, it held off until Molly and I had a nice long walk earlier this morning.

After which, I exchanged a few messages with Genie and recieved a few new photos.

Her fiance Alec got his newest (and first ever) tattoo, he went all out. Pretty sizeable for a first tattoo experience! 😳

Then she shared photos of some pretty interesting sidewalk art.

This toy looks familiar…
As does this one!

And she is eating. It’s good that she is getting the calories she needs, but now I want ice cream. 🍧😧

And my favourite for the week! Grandpa’s little ladybug is still playing with ladybugs. She was very excited that it landed on her cheek and then flew into her hand.
Genie loved ladybugs so much when she was a tot, that when she was nine years old, Dan got a tattoo of a ladybug on his shoulder. He wanted her to know that no matter how big she got, he would always have a shoulder ready for her if she ever needed it. Genie always said that as soon as she was old enough, she would get one on her shoulder for Grandpa. Due to the pandemic, there was no getting her tattoo on her sixteenth birthday so she was pretty excited when the parlours reopened a few months later and she could come over to show Grandpa that they finally had matching ladybugs. 🐞🐞

Other than that, work has been going well. She was pleased that she had the opportunity to help a few hearing impaired clients with her limited sign language skills and is anxious to work on building on that. She is off to London, Ontario on Labour Day. AND…Three more Sunday check-ins before she is home! I can’t believe how this time for her has flown by.

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒžπŸŒ§οΈ

July 19th – Monday Magic

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Dan went golfing yesterday, but while he was gone I had a couple of unexpected visitors.   Son Mark came by with his son Dom.   We were so busy visiting, and snacking, and splashing in the pool that I forgot to take any photos. 

Our day is beginning a bit cooler and overcast today.  I started my meditation outside in my special place under our big spruce tree, but it started to sprinkle a bit so decided to come inside.  I got comfortable and we had the wildest crash of thunder!  I thought the upgrader outside of town had exploded.  Then it rumbled on for a bit and there were no sirens, so it was obviously just thunder. 🀷

I have a few new photos of our yard to share.  I hope you enjoy!

Between our cucumbers and our tomatoes, I almost need a machete to get around our garden.
Anything but portulaca fries in this planter on the east side of our garage, but, the portulaca thrives all summer.
We have two lemon trees that we started from seed about three summers. They spend the summer outside and winter inside. They are both going nuts this summer. At some point, wintering them in our house is going to become problematic. πŸ™„
First sunflower to bloom and it is twins!
I have no idea what these are but they are suddenly thriving. πŸ˜‰
Our money tree finally decided to come back to life. Yay! πŸ‘πŸ’΅πŸ₯‚
This begonia has been struggling but it is starting to come back, as well. πŸ’ž

That is all I have for today! I hope all is well with everyone. There’s a full moon this week, so if you are prone to moonly disasters you might want to lay low and hide your electronics. πŸ˜‰

Take care and see you tomorrowπŸ’ž

Day 12 – Weathering Saskatchewan

Day twelve of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ celebrates the diversity of our Saskatchewan weather.

We seldom have dangerous weather but we do get damaging hails, occasional tornadoes, and our roads get treacherous during a winter storm.

In the past 14 days we have had +31c days, snow, more +31c, fog, thunder, lightening and rain, flash flooding, and wind! Now it is calm and sunny. 🌞

Wind gusts of 84km yesterday afternoon
After the rain yesterday morning. Our walkway beside the channel. We walk BETWEEN the two metal posts.
Rain yesterday morning. β˜”. We needed the moisture. We also need to mow the lawn!
This snow was actually in mid April (this landing is about three feet off the ground). We did also have snow at the end of May but I did not take a picture of it. Snow is snow. 😬
Fog alert! This photo was taken about one short block to busy train tracks.
Sun shining down on the birdbath. It is usually a busy place on hot sunny days. 🌞
With the weather passed, our squirrel dropped by for a few peanuts. πŸ€—

Twelve days down, eighteen to go!

Wishing you a wonderful day, regardless of the weather and I hope to see you tomorrow. πŸ’ž

Weekend Wandering

Dan was working days this weekend so I spent a lot of time relaxing and wandering around with Kat. I wish summer would last forever!

Saturday afternoon – the weather Channel said Regina was sunny and clear🀷
Roaming along the storm channel behind O’Neil High School
Cattails along the storm channel
Busy blue skies
Elphinstone Street
Wild flowers
Ferns in a city park

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Just Like That!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Today – not so much. It is cold, windy and looking to rain later. We could use the rain. The cold and wind we could definitely do without.

Southern Saskatchewan has a tendency to be windy, but I do not remember winds like this. It goes on for days (and nights!) at a time. I left our bedroom window open last night and felt like I was going to get blown out of bed this morning. I went out and set our hanging planters on the ground again.Β  The plants in them just take too much of a beating when the wind is gusting in the 70k range.

It might be a good day to give Kat a bath. She is filthy and she does not look like she is too motivated to go for a walk any time soon.

Have a great day! I hope wherever you are, your weather is being kind to you today.

Summer in Saskatchewan

I know that winter does not officially begin for another month but I am ready for summer to return.

I am ready for walks in the park. Ready for the sunshine and the warm summer breezes.

I am ready for the blossoms that decorate our yard all summer long.

I am ready to wander, to find hidden ponds, to breath the clean fresh air of summer.

I am ready for deep blue skies and the fluffy white clouds of summer.

I am even ready for summer showers.

Only six more months until summer in SaskatchewanπŸ’–