November 3rd – Rasa Pura

Still on the topic of mental and emotional well being and those that I turn to for inspiration, today my blog is highlighting Rasa Pura.

Rasa is a life coach and yoga teacher who posts guided meditations on You Tube.   She is  very new age, and I have to admit my personal beliefs do not totally mesh with hers, but her voice is SO soothing and her message is always SO positive, that I love listening to her meditations.

The guided meditation that I have been using regularly for the past few weeks is the positive affirmation   “I Am” video above.     My favourite line in the entire video comes at the end of the introduction “Energy flows where attention goes”. 

I know that line embodies the truth because I have seen it – for better or worse – time and time again!  I have seen it in others and I recognize it in myself.   By repeating a negative thought ten times, I can convince myself that I am cold, tired,  sickly, angry, sad,  or miserable.   By repeating, a positive thought, I can convince myself that I am the total opposite.  Either mindset ultimately determines what I do and how I do it.

I have been listening to this particular video every day  for a few weeks now (and have been working with positive affirmations for years).    Is my life perfect?  No, but my mindset is definitely better and improving all the time.   I am generally more peaceful and happy and when I do have to deal with life’s rough moments, I am able to do so and move on – and back to a better place.  

And my life is improving – my health is definitely better and I am more fit than ever, I am better at managing our finances and they are in better shape than ever – despite retiring and taking a significant cut in income, and overall my relationships are healthier.   It is absolutely worth the time and effort that I have invested in learning to watch where I allow my “attention to go”.

And I am grateful to Rasa Pura for posting her guided meditations.  They  help me to keep my attention on the quality of life that I want and on the path to health and wellness – physically, mentally, and emotionally.   Thank you, Rasa.  😊

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞


August 8th – Feeling It

Dom has never left without leaving me a reason to smile. 😂

Sunday afternoon and I am just feeling grateful.

I had my coffee and toast this morning before venturing out into our yard to fill the bird and squirrel feeders.

We are having a major sticky aphid infestation so I washed down the patio furniture and barbecue. Then I fussed over our garden for a while – spreading crushed eggshells for the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, doling out pails of diluted Miracle Grow, and finally giving everything a good soaking before washing down the birdbath and adding water to the pond.

I came inside to do some laundry and relax with a bit of meditation. I found a nice Nicky Sutton video on You Tube and slowly melted into a nice peaceful place.

Not really me? 🙄

By the time Nicky finished doing her thing, I was too relaxed to be terribly motivated so I switched to some soft meditation music and let my mind start to drift.

Before long, I had drifted to a place where I started to think of all that there is to be grateful for. We are so fortunate to be living this life. I cannot imagine how one could not be grateful for any of it. What would be the point in having anything at all, if one could not appreciate it ?

Anyway, here I sat, on a beautiful Sunday morning, just feeling grateful – for my life, my body, my mind, my soul, my husband, my dog, my siblings, my sons, my daughter, and my grandchildren, my memories – so many memories 😳, the trees, the flowers, the fresh vegetables and the green grass, the skies, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, clean water and abundant food, our house, our furniture, our vehicles – So many things and everything to be grateful for.

I cannot imagine how there was ever a time, when my mind was so full of things that I wanted and things that I did not want, that I could not feel grateful for all that I had.

I am so grateful for this time that I have now. I am so grateful for this opportunity to appreciate all that I have and all that I have had, in my life. I used to think some people 🤨 were so blessed. I am glad that I now realize that I am one of them. 🤗

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are having a great day and I look forward to seeing you again💞

“If we don’t feel grateful for what we have, what makes us think we would be grateful for more?”

– Anonymous

July 25th – Magic French Courtyards

When we went to Gravelbourg, my biggest disappointment was that the Mayfair restaurant was permanently closed.    The Mayfair was an icon in Gravelbourg and Sunday Brunch at the Mayfair was the stuff memories were made of.   A visit to see my mother always included taking her for at least one meal at the Mayfair.

That being said, amazingly the high point of our trip to Gravelbourg was our breakfast at Cafe Paris.   Not only was our meal perfection but we were able to dine in their very unique and secluded courtyard,  so that Kat could nap comfortably in the shade while we enjoyed our breakfast.

We have definitely discovered a great place to start making some new cherished memories.

One thing I did not get a good photo of was the ‘ceiling’ of the courtyard, which was a lacy combination of vines and patio lights. It was so pretty and I am sure it is gorgeous in the evening when the lights would be twinkling amidst the vines.

Our trips to Gravelbourg will not be as frequent as in years gone by, but I am fortunate to have my own little magic courtyard at home for when I meditate. Maybe next summer, we can get some vines and twinkling lights for my evening meditation. 💞

It is hard to get a photo that shows what an overall cool and pretty little space this is. 😌

Time to head out to my personal little French courtyard! Wishing all a nice Sunday. Take care and I will be back tomorrow!

July 13th – Just a Magical Day

I spent a few hours this morning puttering around the yard. It is such a perfectly magical day here that I decided to do my morning meditation in the shade of our giant spruce tree.

I set up a little space for myself (with a little space for Kat)
The water splashing in the pond provided soothing background music.
Kat did not join me but she did wander close by.
Looking up into our tree, I could see little birds flitting from branch to branch.
I filled the bird feeder and the peanut basket this morning, so our little friends were well fed while I did my thing.
I cleaned the birdbath and filled it with fresh cool water.

With everything good to go, I sat back and enjoyed the most peaceful, relaxing Jess Shepherd meditation. She has such a calm and pleasant voice. I love her guided meditations. There are magical moments in our life that we live for. Right now, this is one of mine. 💞

Wishing all a perfect summer day💞

* To be perfectly honest, a bird pooped on me when I was writing this. It was a little bird and a fairly dry poop so it didn’t really spoil the moment. Just something you should be aware of, if you decide to meditate and write a blog under a tree full of birds.

Day 10 – My Time Within….

I am ten days into my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ challenge and it is time to go a bit deeper. Today’s post is a peek into my soul, spirit, inner-being exercise routine. Meditation my way. 💞

Through the years, I have made several attempts to start meditating. I was too busy running in circles to slow down long enough to get far with my efforts, so they inevitably petered out.

Last year, after I retired, I took a lot of long walks with Kat. What started as a means to strengthen my respiratory system and take a few pounds off my pooch became so much more. I reached a place of peace and tranquility that I had never experienced before. It was a place where meditation came easily.

At some point I discovered a world of meditation on YouTube. For me, it was meditation made simple! There are videos available for guided meditations, chants from indigenous and religious persuasions, music to meditate by, and more.

The following are a few of the meditations that I have found particularly helpful and effective for me. If you have never meditated before , I suggest you note the following:

1. Never listen to these videos, or any meditation videos or audios, when driving or in an any situation where you need to be awake, alert, or cognisant.

2. I recommend using headphones or earbuds for maximum effect of any of these meditations.

3. These videos are ones that I would recommend trying because they work for me. They may not work for you, but I hope that does not discourage you from searching for something that does. I believe that our spiritual, inner-being, or soul well-being is as important as our physical and our mental health.

4. Meditation does not replace professional medical, psychiatric, or psychological care. Consult your professionals if you are at all concerned that meditating could affect any condition affecting you or any treatment that you are undergoing.

5. These videos may occasionally make you uncomfortable, especially if have very strong religious or anti-religious beliefs. Personally, I find I can easily ignore any momentary discomfort caused and in some cases I have come to realize that I have unconscious beliefs that I am quite happy to rid myself of.

This last meditation, is the one that I found the most challenging for me. As I was listening, I had a flash of memory from my childhood. I grew up in the Catholic Church and attended mass frequently – Sundays, holidays, funerals, weddings and on random weekdays. Like myself, the church has changed along the way. Back sixty-some years ago, there was a place in the Mass when everyone struck their chest three times and each time professed “I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy”. That was harsh! It bothered me then and now I find it totally bizarre. Who and why would anyone ever think this was reasonable or rational? Why would any creator place us in a world of trees, flowers, mountains, oceans, skies, and sunshine if we were supposed to feel unworthy? What is more, why would I keep anything so wierd tucked into a dusty corner of my mind? I am glad I dug it out and seriously questioned it. I am glad that this meditation made me feel uncomfortable. For me, it worked. I feel worthy and I wholeheartedly believe we all should! If there was no hope, why would we even strive to be better?

That is it for today. One third of my challenge down, two thirds to go. 😊

Have a nice day and I hope to see you tomorrow! 💞

First Days of Beauty

Every year, I choose one main positive value in life to focus on. This year my focus is on beauty. So far, I have not really been struggling with this effort, so much as building a base to grow it on.

I have started a major home beautifying project – cleaning our basement. I haven’t reached any Kodak moments yet, but every time I go downstairs I am excited by how much better things are looking than when I first began. 😊

My husband has been home on a work layoff – the first in many years! It is nice having him home. It is very nice having him available to do the shopping and run errands. It is especially nice when he run out to do errands and comes home with a special little gift for me. 😊

Dan came home with this beautiful glass baby elephant. He seems happy sitting beside the adorable stuffed elephant that granddaughter Genie gave me for Christmas.

I have not been spending much time outside this month. Occasionally, I do catch a beautiful moment in nature when I glance out a window.

Our backyard is a haven for squirrels and birds this winter.

I continue to spend time searching out and experiencing the meditations I find on You Tube – especially those related to sending healing, loving energy to others. They seem to be such a beautiful way to connect with family and loved ones – so much better than worrying and fretting about the people I care for!

Lately, I have finally realized, the rationale of sending healing, loving energy to those who would not have typically made my prayer list in the past. I am talking about people who have caused major grief to myself and my family, any people who I see as being arrogant or hateful or cruel. I know one is supposed to extend love and caring to those people – but that is seriously difficult to do – no matter how many times I read that they are the ones who need it the most.

Through meditation, I have found a way to send loving, healing energy to anyone, everyone, and especially to those who are the most difficult to. In my mind, projecting hate and anger to these people does not help them or me. However, sending them love and healing energy does make me feel much better. I can only hope that these people are touched by the love I send them. 💗

This is one of the healing meditations that I have found to be particularly moving. I hope that if you are inclined to try it, you will enjoy the experience.

Stay safe and have a beautiful day🥀