August 8th – Feeling It

Dom has never left without leaving me a reason to smile. πŸ˜‚

Sunday afternoon and I am just feeling grateful.

I had my coffee and toast this morning before venturing out into our yard to fill the bird and squirrel feeders.

We are having a major sticky aphid infestation so I washed down the patio furniture and barbecue. Then I fussed over our garden for a while – spreading crushed eggshells for the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, doling out pails of diluted Miracle Grow, and finally giving everything a good soaking before washing down the birdbath and adding water to the pond.

I came inside to do some laundry and relax with a bit of meditation. I found a nice Nicky Sutton video on You Tube and slowly melted into a nice peaceful place.

Not really me? πŸ™„

By the time Nicky finished doing her thing, I was too relaxed to be terribly motivated so I switched to some soft meditation music and let my mind start to drift.

Before long, I had drifted to a place where I started to think of all that there is to be grateful for. We are so fortunate to be living this life. I cannot imagine how one could not be grateful for any of it. What would be the point in having anything at all, if one could not appreciate it ?

Anyway, here I sat, on a beautiful Sunday morning, just feeling grateful – for my life, my body, my mind, my soul, my husband, my dog, my siblings, my sons, my daughter, and my grandchildren, my memories – so many memories 😳, the trees, the flowers, the fresh vegetables and the green grass, the skies, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, clean water and abundant food, our house, our furniture, our vehicles – So many things and everything to be grateful for.

I cannot imagine how there was ever a time, when my mind was so full of things that I wanted and things that I did not want, that I could not feel grateful for all that I had.

I am so grateful for this time that I have now. I am so grateful for this opportunity to appreciate all that I have and all that I have had, in my life. I used to think some people 🀨 were so blessed. I am glad that I now realize that I am one of them. πŸ€—

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are having a great day and I look forward to seeing you againπŸ’ž

“If we don’t feel grateful for what we have, what makes us think we would be grateful for more?”

– Anonymous


9 thoughts on “August 8th – Feeling It

  1. Thank you, Dwight! Lol.. yea I used to be kind of a crank. I loved my work and my clients but I was stressed and exhausted from the pressures and the office ugliness. I didn’t take the time I needed to keep my head and my heart in a good place. I am definitely loving retirement πŸ’

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  2. What a great post. I think the list would be very long or possibly endless if we all began writing down what we are or should be grateful for. You are my kind of lady…feeding the birds and squirrels. Have a great day, be safe and well.

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