Day 12 – In Good Company

Reading through today’s newsfeed, it would seem I am not the only one who has been looking for magic this month – and finding it. Lord Richard Branson made his first trip into space this week and apparently he found the experience magical, according to this report. πŸ’ž

I think that it is too cool that Lord Branson chose the word ‘magical‘ to describe his space experience. He is a wealthy, successful, powerful man. What he says matters because people around the globe listen to him. He is the type of person who inspires people to follow his lead – by his words and by the way he lives his life.

I totally believe that people find what they look for in life and that obviously Lord Branson is a great example of someone who looks for and finds the best.

It is rather funny (not in the haha way but in the peculiar type of way), but I did not come by my belief from observing the happy, hopeful, peaceful, optimistic, content people that I have known in my life. I came by this belief from taking note of the miserable people I have known or come across. I could write books about people who spend their entire lives searching for misery – and finding it! Anytime, anywhere – these people find misery! I must have been looking for these people because I found LOTS of them. For a while, a long while, I tried ‘fixing’ them when I found them. That didn’t work for them or me.

Ultimately, I decided to focus on fixing myself and my own life. This month, I decided to look for magic and to share the magic I find on my little blog. So here I am, doing what I set out to do. I hope you enjoy the moments I chose to share with you today. πŸ’ž

It is not a trip into space but I found magic in each and every moment. πŸ˜‰

Have a great day! I hope to see you tomorrow!πŸ’ž


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