July 11 – Miscellaneous Magic

I have experienced so many magical moments in the past few days! Being Sunday, I decided it would be a good day to share some random moments of the week with you.

This little squirrel is a regular visitor to our peanut basket. The magic this morning was that Kat just laid on the back landing and watched him make his way across our neighbours roof, onto our fence, over to our tree, and up the tree to his favourite branch. And she never barked once! Yay Kat!
Cleaning up a back corner of our yard. How magical is it, that weeds produce such pretty flowers?
Sightseeing bus that we saw in Moose Jaw on our way through. (I have a number of magical photos of Moose Jaw to share with you in another post.)
I love this magical little plaque that was mounted in the courtyard of the Cafe Paris in Gravelbourg. So cute and so true!
This is the new highschool in Gravelbourg. It is one of the last projects I worked on before I retired. I helped the architect design and write the specs for several operable partitions. I worked on the tender for the project. I handled the administration for the project when we got the job. AND – my son was one of the installers when the partitions were installed! That is the most magical part of the construction industry, being a part of a project from start to finish and ultimately seeing an amazing building that will stand for generations!
Heading home from Gravelbourg. This highway is such a narrow, winding nightmare. I cannot imagine how happy and relieved people were when it was transformed from a dirt or gravel road into a real paved highway. That must have been pure magic for them!
A magical, monster, metal lily growing beside the Gravelbourg courthouse. (Probably not growing but I don’t remember it being that big.) 🙄

That is it for today. I hope you enjoyed my magical moments and that you had many of your own to cherish this week.

Stay safe and see you tomorrow! 💞


6 thoughts on “July 11 – Miscellaneous Magic

  1. It isn’t flat. That road passes through a ridge of hills. During winter blizzards you alternate between white-outs, booting through SOLID snowdrifts, and hitting black ice on the other side. My son used to laugh that I needed a break when we got to Moose Jaw because my arms would be limp. Then he got his license and drove that road in a blizzard. He couldn’t imagine how I ever had the strength in my arms to do it.


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