July 10th – Magical Homes

There are any number of unique homes in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. Driving down any street, you are guaranteed to find at least a couple of magical residences. Today, I have photos to share of just a few of my favourite. 💞

Verandahs are everywhere!
How magical is that! This house was built by the local doctor. It is for sale right now for just under 350k.
South Carolina romance in Southern Saskatchewan 💞
This one is showing its age but I love the verandah! (I am pretty sure that my parents best friends used to live in this house.)
A brick house with a verandah! 👍
Pretty magical for a home in small town Saskatchewan!
This home with the adorable rooftop deck has a gorgeous yard!
One summer, I dated a boy who lived in this brick house. We were both sixteen. It was magical! 😂

It is amazing how many fantastic homes there are in Gravelbourg – and how well they have been maintained for generations. I have no idea who designed the early homes in this town or how they had the resources to build them. They obviously had a vision and the determination to carry it out.

As much as the infrastructure of this town has constantly been modernized over the years, I love how they have stayed true to their history. Even the new homes in town have the style and character to blend in with the overall ambiance.

Wishing all another beautiful, magical day! See you tomorrow with more photos from our trip this week. 💞


7 thoughts on “July 10th – Magical Homes

  1. Love the architecture and the lawns/yards are superbly maintained, although with the home with the cute roof line I would have to remove the humongous arborvitae which covers up half the house! And I think I call your veranda a front porch. Keep going Anne Marie, you’re doing great. (Don’t know if my Hubs’ patience would let me stop that many times for pictures. Dan’s a saint…

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  2. What a beautiful post with such pretty homes. So much character in all of them for different reasons! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️❤️


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