July 9th – Road Trip!

It was supposed to cool off this week as Dan started a run of five days off. Since it has been more than a few years since I have made a solo trip (or done any highway driving), I asked Dan if he would like to take a magical trip to Gravelbourg with Kat and I. He came, he drove, and we just got back. 👍

Most of the two hour drive to Gravelbourg was relatively uneventful.
The worst part was a little rain between Moose Jaw and the turn off to Gravelbourg. This is always the worst part. This is a narrow, two way traffic, winding road. I have driven it in blizzards, gale force winds, and pouring rain. I have been caught between snowplows, in the middle of heavy construction, surrounded by a herd of pigs, and buzzed by the Airforce ‘Snowbirds’ who put on aerial acrobatic shows.

The main objective of this trip was to visit my parents gravesite, clean up anything that required cleaning and set out some fresh (immitation) flowers, to brighten thing up for them and for both of my sets of grandparents, plus my Uncle Herman who is buried with my parents.

Dan and I had not been back to Gravelbourg since Mother passed away eight years ago. We were both so worried about what kind of a neglected mess we would find at the graveyard, that we drove straight there when we arrived.

Gravelbourg graveyard – the grass is very dry but everything was neat and we’ll maintained.

We were relieved to find everything in fairly good order. In fact the entire town of Gravelbourg looks extremely well kept. The pride that the residents have in their small prairie town is obvious everywhere.

The pandemic has left its mark. There were businesses that are permanently closed. There are also many homes and businesses that are up for sale. Even these properties are well maintained.

The motel we always stayed in is still operating and, thanks to a road construction crew working on the highway to Thompson Lake, it was filled to capacity!
Kat was delighted that she had her own bed! I think we should remodel our spare bedroom as a dedicated ‘Kat’ room. Dan does not share my enthusiasm for the idea.

I took a number of photos in Gravelbourg and on our way through Moose Jaw yesterday. I will share the best in the next few days.

Magical courtyard of the Cafe Paris where we enjoyed a perfect breakfast this morning. Because we chose a table in the beautiful little courtyard, Kat was able to join us. How magical is that!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! Take care and see you tomorrow. 💞


10 thoughts on “July 9th – Road Trip!

  1. Looks like a fun day trip and I’m so happy you all made it safely. It looks like a nice little town, sad what has happened with Covid and many businesses. I enjoyed your blog today! 💜

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  2. That sounds like a nice little town. You sure have had some experiences on that one highway. It sounds like you all had an enjoyable trip and time. Love it that Kat had her own bed, she looked adorable as always.

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