July 8th – Garden Magic

It is so magical to watch our garden grow and change every day!    I could spend all day outside puttering about.  I hope you enjoy the photos, I snapped this morning.  I have to stockpile them for when winter inevitably returns!

Pretty in Pink (Petunia)
Better Boy Tomatoes (Grown from a slice of fresh tomato!)
Hot Peppers
One Perfect Mini Red Pepper
First Little Cucumbers!
Miniature Magic (Just magically grew there!)
Recycled Magic

That is my magic to share for today! Dan is on ‘days off’ so I am off to enjoy his company. 💞

I hope you are having a productive and magical day!


18 thoughts on “July 8th – Garden Magic

  1. You have such a beautiful garden!! We’re hoping to put in a garden next Spring. We currently have a raspberry bush and that’s been so much fun to watch them grow and that we’re able to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

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  2. Thank you! We have been using onions and lettuce and peppers for a while. Kat has been snacking on miniature tomatoes and strawberries. We should be eating bigger tomatoes and cucumbers within a couple of weeks! Once they start coming, they come fast!

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  3. Very nice!

    Is that a yellow zucchini behind the cuke flowers in photo #5?

    We harvested the first three chocolate cherry tomatoes yesterday, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks earlier than last year.

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  4. No. We have our plants in steel pipes (like planters). This year my husband got pool noodles to put around the tops of the lower pipes in case I fell on one of them. What you see is a yellow pool noodle. (I don’t typically fall over for but I have been having health issues this summer).

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