July 29th – Winged Magic

I couldn’t do an entire month of magical blogs without dedicating one day to the enchanting butterfly family.  I am not a close up, in person fan of most creepy, crawly, blood sucking bugs but I do make an exception for butterflies. 

Despite planting an assortment of butterfly attracting plants and having water features, we get very few butterflies around our yard.  When we get the opportunity, we do visit any butterfly houses that we happen upon in our travels.

These are a few butterflies that I have been able to capture photos of over the years. Enjoy the magic! 🦋

Transformation, beauty, peace, hope and freedom – I think butterflies should be the official symbol of retirement!

Wishing everyone a magical, butterfly kind of day! See you tomorrow. 💞 🦋 💞

Day 12 – In Good Company

Reading through today’s newsfeed, it would seem I am not the only one who has been looking for magic this month – and finding it. Lord Richard Branson made his first trip into space this week and apparently he found the experience magical, according to this report. 💞

I think that it is too cool that Lord Branson chose the word ‘magical‘ to describe his space experience. He is a wealthy, successful, powerful man. What he says matters because people around the globe listen to him. He is the type of person who inspires people to follow his lead – by his words and by the way he lives his life.

I totally believe that people find what they look for in life and that obviously Lord Branson is a great example of someone who looks for and finds the best.

It is rather funny (not in the haha way but in the peculiar type of way), but I did not come by my belief from observing the happy, hopeful, peaceful, optimistic, content people that I have known in my life. I came by this belief from taking note of the miserable people I have known or come across. I could write books about people who spend their entire lives searching for misery – and finding it! Anytime, anywhere – these people find misery! I must have been looking for these people because I found LOTS of them. For a while, a long while, I tried ‘fixing’ them when I found them. That didn’t work for them or me.

Ultimately, I decided to focus on fixing myself and my own life. This month, I decided to look for magic and to share the magic I find on my little blog. So here I am, doing what I set out to do. I hope you enjoy the moments I chose to share with you today. 💞

It is not a trip into space but I found magic in each and every moment. 😉

Have a great day! I hope to see you tomorrow!💞