Happy Easter!

Easter has always been my favourite holiday.  I grew up in the Catholic faith and I loved the Easter services filled with joyful, spiritual music in a church decorated with beautiful spring flowers.   Outside of Easter Mass, the holiday marked the arrival of spring – warm sunny days, pretty summer dresses (with hats and purses and shoes to match),  gathering for a feast of ham and turkey with all of the trimmings, brightly painted eggs decorating a  basket of chocolate eggs and bunnies.  Easter was always a happy family holiday – far from the stress and commercialization of any other holiday.

This year, Dan and I are alone for Easter.  Churches of every denomination are closed here due to the pandemic. Likewise, family gatherings are prohibited. Easter dinner is an ongoing affair that started with baked ham on Friday, appetizers and turtle cheesecake last night and turkey supper tonight.  (Our house smells so good!)

My pan was a bit big for the recipe but it tastes like chocolate turtles and cheesecake.

It is a little windy and cool today but when the sun comes out it is nice enough. I put my little plants out for some fresh air – in baskets that would protect them from the worst of the wind.

Other than that, we have been having a quiet day. We enjoyed seeing pictures and videos of Dan and Amanda’s boys gathering Easter eggs. Son Mark sent a pic of Dom dressed as the Easter dinosaur. 😂 I guess as long as he was an egg laying dinosaur. 🤔. Genie sent a photo of herself and her siblings. They are all growing up so fast!

Happy Easter and all the best to you and yours on this beautiful spring Sunday. 💐


8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Oh definitely! Glad that some places are able to ease restrictions. Regina is a serious hotspot for Covid variants so we are keeping our distance until this blows over.


  2. The panseys were from last summer. Our yard is still barren, but Dan’s Bleeding Heart is sprouting. Our Genie brought it for Grandpa last Mother’s Day 😂 – She couldn’t bare to let him feel left out.


  3. Pictures of the Bleeding Heart please. Ask Dan if its hard to grow. We live in garden zone 7,so were warmer most of the year. Except the epic snowfall this year. Thought it killed off the bushes out front but they are sprouting back.

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  4. It isn’t very big yet – just barely out of the ground. I will send a pic tomorrow. This one grew like a darn last year. They are typically a spring plant (cooler temps) but last year it bloomed all summer. They typically survive out winters.


  5. So beautiful and what wonderful traditions! Your pie or chocolate tart looks delicious! I’m glad you enjoyed Easter with family via video chats! ❤️

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