Year Two – Week Eight

Before I jump into this week’s ‘Health and Fitness’ update, I wanted to explain why my blog writing – and READING has been so sporadic over the past few months. 

With weeks of being down with the flu before Christmas, and then with a broken arm in January/February, one would think I would have had all kinds of time on my hands.  Which I did… but I also had a big bored dog on my hands who took offence every time I sat down to do anything.   She has been getting better these past couple of weeks. Hopefully, she will only improve going forward. And hopefully, I will have more opportunity to read and write on WordPress.

As for this week’s update…

My health and fitness journey has been a bit rocky these past few weeks.   My fractured arm has healed, but there is still random pain or discomfort when I move or stretch. I understand it will take a while for any tears or tweaks to muscles, tendons, and nerves to heal completely. But… It does get rather frustrating.

That being said, there has been a lot of positive movement – and more than I had anticipated a few weeks ago. 😁

I am back to doing full on, two armed, Zumba most days. I am not as comfortable or capable as I was last fall, but I am excited to be back at it. There are days that I just dance, but even the dance workouts are more intense as time goes on.

I have been getting out and about with Molly as often as possible. I am still going only when Dan or Jen are free to handle Molly’s leash. That is due to treacherous walking conditions, which are quickly improving thanks to our double digit (Celsius) temperatures this week.

At the dog park on Saturday where Molly had a bit of a run with Rocko.

I have also taken on a 21 Day Stretching and Balance Challenge, starting this past Saturday.

Molly makes any horizontal workout a challenge.

Finally, and best of all, I have been doing my strength training six nights a week and I am crushing it! I am going to stick to three pound weights for the next couple of weeks, increasing the reps and sets each week. Then, I will switch back up to five pounders. Yay!!!

That is it for this week’s update. I am anxious and excited about getting back on track and enjoying all the benefits of health and fitness, going forward.

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞


17 thoughts on “Year Two – Week Eight

  1. I hope Molly doesn’t pin you down, Anne Marie! 😂 Keep up your good work with exercise. 👍🏻😊 No worries about visiting blogs, I suspect that most of us will still be around when you come back. 😎

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  2. My mini-Aussie does puppy pose on command if I do it too. Bear? WAY too much herself. I’ve only been on the floor with her a couple of times and that just bewildered her. “Wait, this isn’t normal. I want normal.” Congratulations on NOT being daunted. That’s a great thing.

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  3. I’m so happy your arm is all healed and yes, takes time for all the muscles/tendons to stretch and strengthen but I know you’ll get there fast! Molly has gotten so big and I’m glad you have help with her at least until it gets much warmer. You are so inspiring!! Keep up the great work for fitness and health, I just Love it so much!! 💞💞💞

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