Year Two – Week Nine

Another week of healing, health and fitness has passed and I’m still committed to the program. πŸ’ͺ

This past week I did my morning Zumba workout every day, did strength training almost every night (missed one night), and got outside for some fresh air. Molly and I went walking a couple of times – once with Dan and once with Jen and her daughter Prim. The walk with Jen and Prim was a long one on Saturday – around Wascana Lake.

Wascana Park – photo from my archives.

Wascana Park is in the heart of Regina. With the warmer weather that we have been experiencing, it was a good day for the park. The pathways were busy with people, strollers, and DOGS. Fortunately, Jen and Prim walked Molly and she was pretty happy just to truck along with them and stay out of trouble.

Molly did manage to come home dirty and tired.

I also spent a bit of time outside putzing around our yard yesterday. I put out some peanuts for our neighbourhood squirrel(s) and swept some of Molly’s destruction off the back patio.

It is too early to start planting outside but our cactus bloomed and Jen brought me a new ivy and spider plant to nurture.

This week will be business as usual with my fitness plan. My biggest push is to get my evening strength training back on track. My plan is for six exercises – ten sets of ten reps with three pound weights plus 10 sets of ten reps for wall pushups Monday thru Saturday. If all goes well, I will be moving back up to five pound weights next week. Yay!

That’s all I have for this week. Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


20 thoughts on “Year Two – Week Nine

  1. The lake is beautiful, and so is that cactus bloom! Molly looks like she rolled in the mud at that lake. That’s how Steffi looks when it rains as she has worn a path in the grass and gets really muddy at times. Dogs will be dogs I guess. Great job staying on track–I don’t even know where my track is at the moment, but at least it is sunny today and no rain.

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  2. Thank you, Sue! Molly gets dirty at times but at least most of it does fall off of her within a few hours – although she is seriously due for a bath. I am sure even when you are off track, you keep as active or moreso than me. You are always tackling one major project after another. Have a good one and enjoy your weather. We are supposed to revert to winter mode this week and get a heavy dump of snow. 🫣

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  3. Thanks for the thought, but I have been rather inactive of late, unless scrubbing the woodwork and mowing the yard 3 times counts. Sorry about the snow dump–it is really nice here!

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  4. The building looks very nice, is it the capital building of your province? Great job keeping up with your exercise, Anne Marie! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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  5. You are doing so awesome!!! Spider plants, just showed mine on Sunday in the video!! A client gave 3 of them to me and now my three windows in my living room have them in hanging baskets. I hope they do well there. They came to me as buds ( I’m not sure what you call them ) just little leaves and roots. I had to put them in a little water to cover the roots and let the roots grow more before planting in soil. They seemed to like the windows as their roots grew so we shall see!

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