Sprinter in Saskatchewan

This past weekend, I put on a sweatshirt and went out to sweep our back deck. I couldn’t believe that spring had finally sprung and our snow was gone. This morning winter sprang back. 🀦

The howling wind woke Molly up at five o’clock. She went to the living room window to check out the commotion and was beyond excited that winter had returned. Naturally, she had to go outside to check it out, so I was up at five to let her out, let her in, and towel dry her off, before returning to bed for a couple of hours. Lucky for me, Dan got up with her at six when she decided it was breakfast time.

You can’t see it in a still shot, but the neighbour’s Spruce trees are dancing like mad in this wind.
Hopefully the grass will be green when this snow melts – maybe? 🌞
I think she just goes in and out because she loves to be towel dried.

We are actually lucky that we are not getting the worst of it. Southeast of us, the highways are closed and conditions are much worse. And… The snow should be gone as fast as it came.

Take care out there and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒžβ„οΈ


31 thoughts on “Sprinter in Saskatchewan

  1. Molly should be dry enough for a hug by now. She came in about half an hour ago. I had to rub her down with a towel until it was soak and then brush her down to get a bunch of ice pellets out of her fur.


  2. She’s such a contradiction. She loves being out in the most miserable weather but then she comes in and wants to be towelled dry and to lay on the sofa in front of the (electric heater) fireplace.

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  3. She has some videos where you see the livestock guardian dogs keeping foxes, hawks, raccoons away from the animals. It’s wonderful to watch them work together to keep the alpacas safe. There are others where the guardian dogs are helping the alpacas give birth.

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  4. Wow! That’s amazing. Sometimes I feel bad that we took Molly away from the life she could have had. Other times I think she would miss sleeping in bed with me when Dan’s not home and sharing my popcorn. πŸ™„ (I’ve got to find one of the birthing ones!)

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  5. Bear is a pet, too. There was no choice. She was tied up outside a gas station. The sheriff picked her up and brought her to the local rescue. They need to bond with their animals right away, so Bear had to be a pet. Poor me! Ha ha! She’s happy and I’m sure Molly is too! I’ve loved getting to know these dogs through Bear. I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life, but this dog is a thing apart — friend as much as pet.

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  6. Molly was my friend too, until my husband got laid off in February. Now she’s Dan’s friend. I’m just her meal ticket. But she is happy and we do try to get her as much park time as we can – especially with other dogs. And we have a big yard for her.

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