A Walk in the Park…

Our weather has improved to the point that I have added an outdoor walk to my daily fitness routine. 🚶

Yesterday I ventured far enough to take in Patricia Park. Due to health issues, I never made it that far last summer, so I was pretty excited about this excursion.

The walk there was a little treacherous because some sidewalks are still covered with snow, ice, and water – not to mention coffee cups, masks, and disposable gloves. 😒
But I made it to the park, which will look way better once the grass is green and the trees have their leaves.
There were a few little puddles. 🙄
And a couple of big puddles. 😳
And a spiffy new bridge over the water channel. 😊
There is a new playground that I passed on McKinley. 🤗
This is what was left of a beautiful wooded Par 3 golf course. The trees were annihilated to make an off leash dog park – because, you know, dogs have an aversion to trees. It is all part of our city’s 12.5 BILLION dollar plan to be a renewable Net Zero city by 2050. 🤦

That was it for my walk. It will be way nicer in a few weeks but for now it is great to get out in the fresh air and sunshine – and my future body will thank me for the exercise that I am getting now. 👍👍👍

Take care and have a great day!💞