Baby Boots

This month our youngest grandson is celebrating his first birthday. Being the frugal, practical Grandma that I am, I volunteered to buy him his first winter boots for this auspicious occasion. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Cason needed a birthday present, he has a home filled with toys and cute outfits and lots of other grandparents to buy him more of the fun stuff, so boots were the perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa D to provide.

In case you haven’t bought any baby boots lately, they are not the easiest thing to come by. Size 4 baby boots are particularly hard to come by. After two dedicated shopping trips I broke down and bought him a pair in size five. (I am not that dedicated when it comes to shopping) They are the tiniest, lightest boots I have ever seen. Mom is just going to have to work those wiggly little feet into an extra pair of socks until they grow a bit. It’s not like winter will be over anytime soon. He’s got a good seven months before he will be venturing out in sneakers

It remains to be seen how practical the size five boots turn out to be, but Grandma definitely fell off the frugal end of the spectrum. I am not one to splurge on footwear. I myself have a pair of sneakers, white heels, black heels, winter boots, summer boots and a pair of sandals. Combined they cost me as much as Cason’s boots. šŸ™„

Practical or pricey as they may be, I can’t wait until the end of the month when we head off to celebrate Cason’s birthday. Nine grandchildren in, there is one thing I am certain of. Whether Cason is as excited as I am about the his new boots, he is for sure going to love the box they came in.


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