Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada. We are celebrating tonight, as my husband is working five straight twelve hour shifts. Friday, Saturday and Sunday days (so he will be home tonight by six) and then Monday night and Tuesday night. He is a good man and I am definitely thankful for him.

I am grateful that we live in a country that is relatively safe (except for the sudden sinkhole situation this summer) and generally peaceful (except during an election which unfortunately is now the case).

I am grateful for my home and yard. I realize that although it is rather humble, it is far more than what many have.

I’m kidding. Our house isn’t quite that humble. That is Grandpa’s garden shed and the playhouse he built for the grandkids. That isn’t even our patio. Grandpa got carried away with the monster pool last year so it had to move to the patio and we had to improvise for our patio set.

I am grateful for my career that is winding down, my boss, my co-workers, clients and suppliers. It has been challenging and frustrating and a lot of fun over the years.

We all know which one is the ‘real’ boss.

I am grateful for the parents who raised me, the siblings I grew up with, the family I raised and of course the grandchildren they are raising. I am grateful for our little dog, Kat.

Most of all, this year I am grateful for the life I have been given. I am grateful for the challenges, the blessings and the beauty of my life. This year, after sixty four years, I am at peace with whatever life hands me and I truly feel I have the strength, the wisdom and the sense of humor to fully appreciate my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our home to yours🍗🍖🥧🍷


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