Costa Rica or Bust


This day has been a long time coming. Twenty two years ago when I met Dan I knew he had a sister, I knew they were close, and I knew she wanted us to visit her – in Costa Rica. Twenty two years ago it was an obscure plan that I could shove into some dusty corner of my mind and ignore. Now it has caught up with me and there seems to be no more avoiding the inevitable.

I have nothing against my sister-in-law and I definitely owe it to my husband. He was been dragged through a couple of decades of drama with my family, so I truly want to do this for him, but that does not make it any easier.

For starters, the flight options from Regina to Costa Rica are poor to totally miserable. 24 hours of airports and airtime miserable. It’s a toss up but I am pretty sure the only thing worse than being on an airplane is being in an airport. 😬

Then there is Costa Rica. I know that Costa Rica is beautiful. I have seen the pictures. Dan’s sister has a beautiful home. To get there from the airport, all we have to do is drive miles and miles of narrow, twisting, winding roads. 😳

Once we reach our destinations it’s two weeks of sunshine, ocean views and secluded beaches – and countless varieties of creepy, crawly lizards and the such. 😥

Then it’s another 24 hours of airports and airtime and TADA we are landing in Saskatchewan to ice and snow and forty below weather. 🤯

I know I have to get through this. I know I will get through this. It took us three trips to the passport office but we have our passports. We just have to juggle Dan’s schedule, weigh our flight options, book our trip, find a kennel for Kat and do it.

Stay tuned for pictures. 😎🍹


11 thoughts on “Costa Rica or Bust

  1. Being in an airport for 14 hours is definitely much worse than being on a plane….since there is no direct flight from Italy to the Philippines I have to experience very long stopovers in various Asian airports and it is definitely not an amazing thing….South America must be interesting

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  2. I could not take flights like that on a regular basis. I am sure Costa Rica is amazing to see but I have a collagen disorder that flares up when I get in anything that moves. I lose all stability in my joints and get bad vertigo. I feel bad that Dan insists on taking me instead of one of his friends or cousins. I am no fun to travel with and he refuses to do anything he doesn’t think I can handle – like hiking uneven ground or ziplining or other stuff he should get to do.

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  3. I understand that. Actually the last time I visited the Philippines was also the last time I took a plane because the plane went through a thunderstorm and since then I have a phobia and I think I can’t fly anymore

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  4. I don’t like being in airplanes that much, but I love airports! At least once I am checked in for my flight and don’t have the anxiety that we will miss the flight. I love the restaurants and just sitting in the boarding area, watching the skies outside and the people inside.
    Getting ready for a trip is a lot of work, but I hope you will enjoy your vacation once you are on it.

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  5. I knew a nurse who so wanted to live in Costa Rica. It is a country that boasts more teachers than soldgers. So he went. Asked a mutual friend about him. Said he wa back. Costa Rica may be nice,but theres no place like home!

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  6. We still haven’t made it. We both got sick right after I wrote that and then Covid kicked in and started shutting down borders. Joan is still there and loves it. I don’t think she will ever come back. At least not to live. I could never move that far away but wouldn’t mind going to southern Manitoba. It is not that far from here – the province next to us – but I much prefer their attitudes and politics.

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