Today our local paper carried another article highlighting the obscene injustice in our courts.

In 2015, a forty-two year old (caucasian) man picked up a twenty-one year old prostitute and took her to the outskirts of our city. When he could not perform the sexual service he had contracted with her, he pushed her out of his truck, naked from the waist down and locked the door. In an effort to stop the man from driving away with her clothes, purse and cell phone, the woman ran around to the front of his truck. The man drove forward, knocking her down and drove over her legs, leaving her injured and unable to summon help. The woman managed to walk two blocks to the highway, where a good Samaritan picked her up and drove her to the hospital.

Last year, this man was found guilty of assault with a vehicle.  This week he returned to court for sentencing. 

The judge sentenced the man to ninety days in jail, to remind him and others that a vehicle cannot be used as a weapon, although he did note that he did not feel the man intended any harm but he was ‘wilfully blind’ to the harm his actions would cause. He also sentenced the man to a three year probation order, personal grief and trauma counselling as well as addiction treatment. Finally, to ensure this man did not feel too hard done by, the judge ordered that his jail time could be served on weekends so he could keep his job. It was noted that this poor deluded SOB had a record involving a number of serious offences but this was the first time he had ever been given a jail sentence.

Other than a few words noting that the victim had entered a victim impact statement in which she mentioned that she still suffers from nerve injury, there was no mention of the victim. There was certainly no indication of compassion or consideration towards her, as far as the judge was concerned.

There is so much wrong with this picture that I cannot even begin. Why are there so many of these entitled losers causing so much grief and harm to women? Why are the powers that be so reluctant to hold them accountable? This is disgusting, already.


3 thoughts on “Injustice

  1. I totally agree. Personally, I think if they hold men accountable that will make themselves and their sons and their brothers vulnerable to being held accountable for their ‘ little mistakes’.


  2. I don’t wonder if it’s men judging men..i’m absolutely certain that it’s men judging men. I’ve no doubt that had the sentence been handed down by a woman he would have received the appropriate sentence.

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