Life in the Frozen North

My poor little car is down for the count. I am not sure if this is even a thing, but it would seem my automatic steering fluid has frozen. Whatever the problem is, my power steering no longer has the power to steer.

We are lucky that we do not live in an area where we generally see hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or the like but when our temperature drops down to the minus 40’s things tend to seize up – especially vehicles. Aluminum rims shrink and tires go flat, fluids freeze, batteries die, doors freeze shut. It is too much fun – especially when it is too bloody cold to deal with all this fun stuff.

Fortunately, I live a block away from where my workmate lives so for tomorrow we will carpool and Dan will drive his Jeep, which I usually drive when he is working. Even more fortunate, the temperature is supposed to start going up this weekend. 😊


16 thoughts on “Life in the Frozen North

  1. I think so, not for me but for nature. I understand it’s annoying as hell to deal with all the side-effects of freezing weather. It’s no fun at all! I don’t like the cold weather.
    But I would be happy so see nature more in balance. The changes make me worry.

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  2. I got bored with winters, so I left Scotland to live by the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France.
    It doesn’t get cold, which is good!
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.

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