Years ago, during my first marriage, I had nightmares on a regular basis. There were two nightmares that were particularly recurring. The first one would vary but I would dream that I awoke only to realize I was still dreaming. This would repeat over and over throughout the night. It was exhausting and frustrating. In the second nightmare, I was dead. The dream changed from night to night but I was constantly seeing my dead body. In one dream, my dead body was propped up in a child’s sandbox. It totally creeped me out that people were just letting their children play in the sand and no one even considered moving my body. It was disturbing to say the least.

After my first marriage ended, I read that the first dream was typical of someone who felt they were trapped in a hopeless situation. Relative to the second dream, I read that death in a dream represents the end of a situation. It blew me away how both of these dreams had been such an accurate depiction of my life at the time.

In the years since, I still tend to have very vivid dreams but I would not consider them to be nightmares. Most are just very wierd and it seems rediculous how realistic they seem at the time.

This morning, Dan left for work at 4 a.m., which is usual when he works the day shift. Kat got up to see if she would get fed, which she did not.  As usual, she tried, and as usual she failed which meant coming back to bed and waking me up in the process.

I had two hours before I had to get up. Fortunately, I promptly fell back to sleep. That was the end of my good fortune. I experienced two hours of the most vivid and disturbing nightmares that I have had in decades. There were any number of details that I felt could be symbolic of something. What that would be is totally beyond me. I do think that overall these nightmares were relative to my current situation with my daughter. I have no idea if they were a good sign or bad.   I looked them up on an online dream dictionary this morning but was none the wiser.    Now I am annoyed, tired and confused.  I hope this is not the beginning of another trend!


14 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. My mom would tell me that all the people in a dream are you.What do these images mean to you. What scares you could be fun for someone else.Yes,I look up things in dream dictionarys to see if they ‘ring true’ to me.
    Whats nuts is ever since my dr. put me on heart meds my dreams have been very vivid rather than bits and pieces

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  2. I often dream about bouncing way up high as I walk. I’m trying to walk like everyone else but each step I take gets lighter and lighter then start bouncing. I never knew that dream dictionary exist. It might be interesting to look it up 😄

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