Saturday Shopping

Saturday Lunch

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means Saturday morning shopping. Shopping is right at the top of things I do not like to do. When I have to go it alone, shopping is even worse. Dan is working nights this weekend, so alone it is.

The only good thing about Saturday morning shopping is going out for Saturday lunch. Since going out for lunch isn’t the same when Dan is working, I just go shopping. This obviously makes the shopping worse.

Finally, Dan and I have both been sick for a week or so. Last Saturday, Dan insisted on coming shopping, but once we got there he decided he didn’t feel well enough to actually shop, so I ran into Superstore to pick up a few groceries. The store was a zoo. Our Walmart, which is the only other ‘supermarket’ on this corner of the city has been closed for weeks due to cleanup from a small fire. Everyone has been shopping at Superstore.

I zipped through the aisles on hyperspeed, bypassing anything we didn’t need, I could not find, or was where I would have to play bumpercarts with those obnoxious customers who obviously knew what they needed and where it was. Not wanting to keep Dan waiting any longer than I had to, I zipped through the express cashier. I ran out to the Jeep with my haul – two sweaters, a scarf and a bag of Doritos. Dan decided he felt well enough to take me for lunch. (Maybe he just wasn’t hungry for Doritos)

This week we obviously need groceries. I will be on my own but I’m going to have to get it done. At least Walmart reopened a few days ago so us shoppers can spread out!


12 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping

  1. When I am too sick to shop, we have found if we do an online shop it helps us make it through. Recently there was absolutely no way I could go out to get groceries and we really had hit the bare essentials in the house. We did an order, yes we had to pay for delivery but if you normally drive to the store and pay for parking then this would be about the same amount. Does your store deliver?

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  2. I don’t know if they deliver. I know we can order and run to the store to pick it up. I don’t know if it would cost that much for delivery but we live 5 minutes from the store and parking is free.

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  3. I am starting to. My husband was worse than me but I am skittish about any kind of chest cold. The last time I had pneumonia, I was in the hospital for a month with a collapsed lung. Now every time I cough, I am really cautious until I get past it. Thank you!

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  4. I don’t like shopping either and I post pone it when I can ’till I can’t. What I definitely don’t like is finding out an item that I need is not available ’till further notice. Like coffee beans, they are more out of stock then not. Shopping together is much more fun and a lunch afterwards seems like the perfect thing to do to make the shopping experience more fun.

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  5. Yes, I agree with out of stock items. Especially if that is what I particularly need so I have to go to another store. Lunch does make it more palatable. We have tons of good restaurants here. I think more per capita than anywhere in North America.


  6. Two sweaters?
    I wish for alone shopping. When my husband goes with me he nixes everything I want. My tribe here hates”same old,same old”, so I’m looking for different they”ll eat. Me- I’d rather live on frozen or salad. I’m tired of cooking(but I think I got my next blog’s subject-Thanks!)

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  7. I can’t wait to read it! When I shop with my husband, he says “if you want it, buy it” everytime I glance at anything. If I pick something up he says “you don’t want that, do you?” 😂


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